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BBC tells journalists that IPCC is God, can not be wrong –”No debate allowed”


“Sustainability” is the word to pay attention to in the following quote from these BBC guidlines:-

“There are occasions where contrarians and sceptics should be included within climate change and sustainability debate”

The IPCC science reports make no mention of “Sustainability.”

There is no sustainability debate because they dare not “debate” it.

Zero percent of scientists say that anything is sustainable (in the sense that the BBC and environmentalists mean it). In fact I can’t find ANY scientists who voice opinions on the topic at all. It’s mostly evidence-free believers like economists and sociologists who talk about it.

And yet the political, social and economic transformations that are being enforced in its name are far more totalitarian and harmful than those of just “de-carbonisation.”

Just for one example – “One Planet Fremantle” in Fremantle, Australia is a plan for “sustainable development” that requires reducing the material standard of living of Fremantle by three quarters. That’s three quarters less food, water, housing, transport commerce etc.

http://www.bioregional.com/one-planet-fremantle/” reveals that “Freemantle is the 2nd city to implement the “One Planet” methodology for sustainable development”
see also:- https://www.fremantle.wa.gov.au/one-planet

“One Planet Fremantle” is the same plan as “One Planet Brighton” which is being implemented in Brighton (UK) where I live. It is also being implemented as “One Planet Wales” throughout the entire country of Wales (UK).

I have documented “One Planet Brighton” on my blog at:-
(or – for some of you -

“One planet” is methodology for evaluating “sustainability” that is so precise that it calculates a numerical co-efficient of “sustainability”. That numerical coefficient for Brighton is 3.2 and for all of Wales is 2.7 and it turns out to mean that Brighton is considered to be consuming material resources as if it had 3.2 planets worth of resources available. The plan is to reduce that to the “correct” amount which is One Planets worth – hence the name of the plan – “One Planet Brighton” which is a plan to REDUCE Brighton by 2/3. That is:- 2/3 less food and 2/3 less water etc..

Australians should be concerned that the methodology calculates that the average Australian consumes the resources of FOUR planets and thus needs to reduce their consumption by THREE-QUARTERS.

“One Planet Living is an international sustainability initiative based on the idea that we all need to live within the limits of one planet’s natural resources. If everyone continues to live like the average Australian, we would need more than four planets to support the current world population.”

see also

One of the things that politicians are demanding that Australians hand over to (australian) politicians is direct control of “Happiness”

Australian politicians are going to be able to put people in jail for having the wrong kind of happiness.

Australians should also check out:-
* One Planet Living Greater Geelong,
* BARWON Water’s Salt Torquay in Victoria Australia,
* WestWyck Ecovillage in inner-city Melbourne

One Planet sustainability is coming for you whereever you live.

Sustainability is poverty and slavery
Sustainability is ghetto and gulag
Sustainability is starving to death in a hovel.
Sustainability is shivering in the cold and dark so that in the future they can shiver in the cold and dark
The Age of Green is a new and terrible dark age


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    Well said Dan. Further facts and comments:


    The 2030 Agenda: Australian Government invites the UN to control our rights, laws, freedoms, private property, energy use, & life style
    Graham Williamson
    July 2016
    The UN, having spent more than half a $trillion in 70 years, is an undemocratic, unaccountable international policeman that is in the business of inventing ‘global problems’ which can only be ‘solved’ by a transfer of power and money from nation states to the UN. It has been elevated to this status by cooperative national governments. As noted by Peter Faris QC, thanks to the eager cooperation of successive Australian governments “laws are imported (as some sort of universal truths) from the UN.”
    On 27th September 2015 the UN continued their campaign of global control and undemocratic interference in the affairs of nations around the world with their ‘Transforming Our World‘ 2030 SDG agenda which was signed by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on behalf of all Australians. With a predicted annual price tag of $2-3 trillion, the agenda is to be sold to the people as ‘voluntary’, although the people will be given no choice, and essential provisions will be undemocratically enforced by national governments. Although both major Parties refused to mention this during the recent election campaign, implementation of this undemocratic bipartisan supported agenda commenced in Australia on 1st January 2016.
    The 2030 agenda is a UN driven “master plan” or “roadmap to global socialism” aimed at controlling the planet, including so called ‘climate change’, and the life styles and energy consumption of all people and all countries. Their 15 year goals include:
    • Redistributing the wealth of Australia and other Western nations, under the control of the UN, to poorer countries, especially impoverished dictatorships, around the world. According to the 2030 Agenda, ‘poverty’ can only be addressed by undemocratically giving money and power to the UN.
    • The COP21 Paris climate change agreement, comprising SDG 13, is just one part of the 2030 Agenda. The UN version of climate change though, is about global power and money. As UNFCCC chief Christiana Figueres pointed out, the aim of the UN is to bring about a “centralized transformation“… “one that is going to make the life of everyone on the planet very different.” Figueres continues: “global society, is moving to the point where we are going to need more and more global governance muscle… Climate change is only the first of the major, major planetary challenges that we are being given, almost as a playground… to go into that playground and exercise our global governance capacity”
    • Controlling lifestyles, energy use, and consumption by defining which activities are accepted by the UN as being ‘sustainable’. Only the UN can control ‘sustainability’.
    • Controlling education around the globe to ensure all children become activists promoting the UN sustainability agenda.
    • Moving towards global enforcement by developing global monitoring, accountability mechanisms, and surveillance systems so “no one is left behind”.
    • The UN 2030 agenda is completely open ended, stating no total costs, and stating no limits as far as loss of sovereignty and enforcement mechanisms are concerned.
    The people have been betrayed. The 2030 Agenda is all about betrayal, UN control, and global socialism, and expanding global law. The United Nations has “conned governments, citizens and business into adopting the 2030 Agenda“, but “business does not understand” that it will destroy “Capitalism and Free Enterprise.” And all this has been made possible by the Australian government, and governments of other ‘democratic’ countries, who invite the UN to interfere in the domestic affairs of their respective countries WITHOUT the democratic approval of the people.
    The choice is clear: do you want UN control and interference, or do you want democracy, freedom and prosperity? Should our destiny be decided by us, or by the dictators that comprise the UN? Do you want democratic Australian laws, or foreign laws dictated by the UN?
    PDF version of this report: http://carbon-sense.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/a-summary-of-betrayal.pdf

    The proto-global supra-national State operating the UN Transformational Agenda has captured Australia. Done deal. It’s over down-under. The only way the Marxist charade will collapse is either with the disintegration of Europe or the UN. Neither could survive without the other.
    Australia signs Framework Agreement to boost cooperation with European Union
    The signing of the Framework Agreement marks the beginning of a new era of strategic cooperation between Australia and the European Union (EU).
    The agreement will enhance cooperation between Australia and the EU to tackle challenges in foreign and security policy, sustainable development, climate change, and economic and trade matters. It will encourage closer links between leaders across government, business and civil society. (aka. UN Transformational Agenda – implementation date, 2030)
    Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said, “Australia and the EU are natural partners. We share common values and cultural heritage, and are committed to free and open markets.
    “The Framework Agreement builds on our already close ties and aspirations for deeper cooperation and will strengthen Australia’s bilateral relationship with the EU, in an era of unprecedented global development and volatility.”
    Vice-President Federica Mogherini said, “Europe and Australia are geographically very far apart, but we work together on a daily basis on the global stage, as like-minded partners and friends. Ours is a partnership of opportunities: bringing our populations closer together to facilitate exchanges, trade, and sharing knowledge.
    “The agreement we have signed today reflects how strong our ties are already and how they will become stronger through our increased exchanges and cooperation, for the sake of our peoples and of the world.”
    The agreement will guide future engagement between Australia and the EU and complement work towards launching negotiations for a comprehensive, high quality free trade agreement.

    “The Despotic Green New World is coming. Climate alarm is the stalking horse, “sustainable development” is the war cry, and global government is the goal

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