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Why does Canada resist dropping the dairy tariff? : Quora Part 2 of 2

Consider if, Canada and the USA agreed that the governments in the two countries ought to critique the internal arrangements of each other. Since supply management in Canada includes the provincial governments, the agreement would extend down to the subfederal level.

So, the Government of Canada conducts an audit of the American social security system (With the agreement that the social security system must open its books to the auditors who have just arrived in Washington from Ottawa) Or, the Government of Manitoba has agreed to undertake a review of the California water supply system. Or, the New Mexico State Government does its own assessment of highways management in the Province of Prince Edward Island. If you think about it neutrally, there is actually a case to be made. It would sort of be a mutual peer review, and could lead to useful suggestions. Would even a Bernie Sanders supporter agree to this type of thing?

The implicit Trump contention is that, Canada is not a “real” country, but more sort of a chilly, less-distressed Puerto Rico, and that the USA has a right to supervise Canadian affairs. That is much more of a problem than how many litres of milk are shipped across the New York State-Ontario border.

Who Are You Trying to Kid?

If the implicit argument is that Canada is sort of a Commonwealth of the USA, then, presumably Canadians ought to involve themselves in American internal affairs. However, say for the sake of argument, that Canadians really are bona fide foreigners. Here the Canadians are, strung out not very far from the American border, and up close and personal with the USA. So, what do we see:

-An American President, teetering on the edge of impeachment, and shivering in fear of Chapter 25.

-In the mean time, his White House staff are censoring his decisions.

-Republican members of Congress who are, in all fairness, cowards and opportunists.

-An impressive morass of American legal problems about whether Donald Trump has any authority to negotiate a bilateral agreement with Mexico, cancel the NAFTA agreement, implement tariffs, not accept that the cancellation of NAFTA will lead to the revival of the previous Canada-US Free Trade Agreement, or whether Donald Trump has any authority to negotiate any bilateral agreement with Canada.

-So many Americans who proudly proclaim their ignorance of other countries, because they are not important, and because the USA is so exceptional.

-The same Americans getting excised, because the same unimportant countries are really exploiting the USA, very badly.

-Fox “News”

-Larry Kudlow and Jared Kushner.

Being a foreigner does not necessarily make you a fool. We see what Americans ought to admit. The Trump Administration's declamations about unfair dairy trade with Canada, are 99% symptoms of internal problems in the USA, and 1% about America's foreign trade. The substantive, realistic issue, is whether Canada will expand the duty free sector of Canadian-American dairy trade somewhat. Also, there is an issue about Class 7 milk. The following article is from iPolitics. It is their property. I am providing the link for information purposes only:


Complex yes? Does it require the attention of expert negotiators, yes. Does it affect more than just a very small amount of total trade between Canada and the USA, no.

The United States Administration has made an issue about the USA's dairy trade with Canada, but it not at all justified, because:

-This is a small proportion of the total trade between the two countries.

-The United States Government freely agreed to the current arrangements, when NAFTA was negotiated. They were not tricked.

-Several years ago, Canada offered some concessions.

-Canadian farmers are actually real people, just like American ones.

-The United States government has no entitlement to critique internal economic systems set up by the Governments of Canada and the Canadian provinces.

-They certainly wouldn't agree that, all the Canadian governments involved with Canadian dairy production, should critique the Government of the USA and the state governments.

-The so called dispute has more to do with a bombastic, aged, unqualified, and now frightened, person, trying to function as the President of the United States.

-Those who choose to remain ignorant about Canada have no business talking about Canada, or to Canadians.

-The internal United States legal system regarding who can make international trade agreements, and how, is in a mess.

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