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Why does Germany buy oil and natural gas from Russia and expect the U.S. to protect them from Russia

Maurice Ewing
Maurice Ewing, Top Writer 2018 at Quora (2017-present)

Only Americans and the people blinded by our propaganda are stupid enough to believe Russia has designs on attacking anyone, particularly one of the EU countries.

This is not because, “the Russian economy is a smoldering dumpster and only a fraction of its military is fit to deploy on any given weekend,” as another Quoran here in this string has incorrectly suggested (Wes Frank, 15 July 2018, 0700, PST+1).

In actual fact, the Russian military could take over most of Europe (including Germany and the UK) within a few days and the US could do nothing whatsoever to stop it. Indeed, let me quote a recent article that collates a number of analyses from various Western military experts to drive this point home (What Would Happen if Russia and Europe Went to War?):

…the hard fact is that a US-less NATO almost certainly doesn't have the firepower to win a war with Russia.

So let’s take these stupid comparisons of our military in the West today with Russia’s military from the 80s and 90s—gleaned from granpa’s visit to the USSR back in 1987—off the table. They only cloud the discussion. The US is unable to protect anyone from Russia—except maybe Puerto Rico or someplace else extremely close by.

But as I said, they don’t need to…

The reason Russia is no threat to Germany or anyone else is because Germany, the rest of the EU and even the US (The U.S. Spends Billions Annually On Russian Oil) are major customers for Russian oil and gas. If Russia attacked any one of these territories, it would be killing its own customer base and hurting itself.

Moreover, Russia is not filled with warmongering barbarians that believe there is some benefit to holding a territory of people hostage for its own sake. Truth be told, if Russia could get rid of vast areas that are true drains on its economy, many of which are also political liabilities, it would probably do so.

For example, the major problem Russia had with the coup we brought about in Ukraine (see video of Obama stating this in his own words)

is that it both destabilised the region and was a murderous, senseless and shameless attempt to capture Russia’s military base in Crimea—which obviously ended in failure.

Yes, that is correct: We put millions of lives at risk (and successfully destroyed several hundred thousand others, with the ensuing civil war) simply because we wanted to steal Russia’s Naval base and gain Black Sea access—and our strategy failed.

Nonetheless, Russia would have gladly let Western Ukraine (sans its Crimean Naval base) go away and join the West had Ukraine’s elites honoured their integration commitments—which involved Russia investing tens of billions into Ukraine over the preceding 2 decades without any return on that investment. Moreover, the EU, pushed by the US, demanded Ukraine renege on these commitments altogether (https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/...).

But before anyone goes blaming Obama or Bush (the plan actually started under the latter with the skirmish with Russia we sponsored in Georgia), consider that the entire Western view of Russia as a threat is put forward by lobbyists in the US who compete with Russia in oil and gas, as well as in weapons.

Russian smear propaganda is also supported by some extremely wealthy individuals who personally dislike that Russia’s societal rebuild involves rejecting the “anything goes” (but very profitable to those wealthy individuals) culture that is destroying Western society (http://ase.tufts.edu/gdae/CS/Exp...).

These parties are the ones who want the world—including Germany and the EU—to hate Russia by reopening old wounds, fanning smouldering flames and playing on biases and racial hatred among many American constituencies, especially immigrant groups from Eastern Europe. Along the way, they capture the minds of both ignorant and stupid people who lack discernment while watching the news.

Indeed, even some media outfits actively support the agenda. For example, this article in Politifact (which professes to fact-check political rhetoric) calls the Ukrainian coup theory (the one Obama admits to in his own words above) an “urban myth,” falsely claiming it stems from elsewhere and never mentioning Obama’s interview. (The United States spent $5 billion on Ukraine anti-government riots).

So take my advice: read and listen to what you will, but take all of this talk about Russia, EU, US, hackings, etc., with a grain of salt. Behind it is a machine that wants to manipulate public perception, and anyone or anything with that aim, as opposed to the aim of telling you the truth, means you no good intention.

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