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Psyops - Current TV

Beware of the BBC

Save Our Medevac

Rigged Elections

Silencing the Lawyers

Logical Fallacies Handlist

When the feds decide who's sexually dangerous
( 'Clockwork Orange' for us : bureaucrat's powergasm )

Bioregional Democracy

How I Became an Anarchist

Neoconservative think tank influence on U.S. politics

Rumsfeld Memo re: Starting Iraq War on False Pretences

Niger Uranium Forgeries

Death of a Hero

Celebrate the Historical Revisionists 2

History of Preparing to Attack North Korea

European Influence in Afghanistan


History : The Dark Forces

North Korea lost close to 30% of its population to US bombing in 1950s


Extraordinary Rendition : International Law and the Prohibition of Torture

Abu Ghraib

Extraordinary Rendition, Extraordinary Mistake

Recruitment Tool

Making the World Safe for Hypocrisy

What You Don't See in the Media About Gaza

The Myth of Khomeini


Iran's Nuclear Energy Program Part V
The U.S. Offer of Uranium Enrichment Technology to Suggestions for Creating Catastrophic Industrial Failure

Iran's Civilian Nuclear Program

Caldicott Foundation Fukushima Symposium

Medical Implications of Fukushima,Nuclear Power and Nuclear Proliferation

Hydraulic Civilizations

Google Engineers Policing Governments Policing Internet

Deep Sleep


Fluoride : the New Lead
( Lost in the takedown of John Farnham/opit at Open Salon )

Depleted Uranium

Low Dose Radiation Research

Detergent in Vaccines Affects Blood Brain Barrier

Vaccines ( my file )

Drugging of Children

Cholesterol : Friend, not Enemy

The 'saturated fat' scam : Coca Cola Conspiracy

Seeds of False Hope

GMO Inside

Cancer Row Over GM Foods

Avoid Brands With GMOs

Jim Bynum

Fear of the Big Freeze

United Nations : Corrupt, Ineffective, Dangerous

Global Warming Issues

IPCC Under the Microscope

The IPCC Exposed : Political to its Core

What is Wrong With the IPCC

IPCC as a Knowledge Monopoly

Bayesian Belief Networks

Global Research : Climate Science riddled with errors
EnRon Weather Derivatives

Faith Based Science Policy

When to Doubt a 'Scientific Consensus'

Global Warming alarmists intimidate dissenting scientists into silence

Global Warming Petition Project

Global Warming Skeptics

Congressional Testimony and Normative Science

There is no Climate Crisis

Climate of Obfuscation

CIA evidence exposes the greatest climate change error

Crowdsourcing Paleoclimate Reference Page

Climate Change : evidence from the geological record

Whistleblower Files End Climate Change Catastrophe Cult

Climate Alarmists Debunk Their Own 'Science'

Keeping Global Warming Within Limits

Roger Pielke Sr.

Solar Variability and Terrestrial Climate

Is CO2 Mitigation Cost Effective ?

Al Gore is a Fraud and Refuses to Debate Global Warming

Global Warming Commentary

Brief History of Climate

GW and CC Fiction

Extreme Weather as Climate Reacts to Geoengineering

CO2 Follows Temperature by a Few Hundred Years at Most

Climate Change and the TV Meteorologist

Forecast the Facts Controlling Public Commentary

Fluorescent Light Bulbs : Cancer Risk

Information Dominance pdf

BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Coverup ( YouTube), also at Deep Water or Oil Spill CoverUp

Two Years Later : BPs Toxic Legacy Hidden Health Crisis

gulf oil spill : fast company

Deadly Bacteria in Gulf Coast Tar Balls

Another Study Questions Use of Corexit

BP’s Corexit Oil Tar Sponged Up by Human Skin

Trouble the Water

Ixtoc 1 - No Longer the Biggest Blowout in the Gulf

Toxic Sludge Torments Bhopal

Infiltration of Political Movements is the Norm

What Really Happened to Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King ?

Dumbing Down

Bible reading may be Bad for your Spiritual Health

Educate Yourself

Tar Sands - Key Documents

Watchers Protecting Environment

Myth of Purifying Fracking Water

Fracking the Future : Dangers of Unconventional Drilling

Journey of the Foresaken



Diigo Buzz

Diigo Library - oldephartte

Self Publishing ( Evernote interview with Guy Kawasaki )


Tweet Maps
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