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The Iraqi Spoils of War

15 years after the invasion of Iraq, and now largely out of the glare of the media, US and UK oil corporations start to flaunt the spoils of imperial conquest.

floyds55 Michel Reicks 3 months ago

actually some asshole developed a process called slant drilling "Haliburton"...
this allow'd Kuwait to drill into iraq and STEAL resources via slant drilling...
iraq complained to the UN about the theft, the USA and un just said live with it... "matter of documented record" so iraq protecting their nations resources invaded Kuwait as expected, giving the usa a reason to go to war....
look a little deeper into the cause of that war.....

Ivyemaye 3 months ago

I could be wrong with my history here, but all of this is just over a 100 years old. If I remember, Winston Churchill, the then First Sea Lord, at around the start of World War I, wanted a "secure source" of oil, as the British Navy was changing from coal to oil. So there was an interest in the Middle East and Iran.
It seems now we still have the "same old same old", the link between British military (US and all the rest of course) and big oil, for a"secure source" of oil, this time for the whole western world. Meddling, and wars are the norm. With the very close links between big oil and western politicians expect this to continue where there is oil3 months ago

Gary E Andrews

When the CIA/Nazi assassination program, Phoenix Project, left Southeast Asia in 1975 it went to Iran where it killed someone, allegedly, from nearly every family in the country. Donald Gregg and Theodore "The Blond Ghost" Shackley, principals of the operation, fled when the Iranians overthrew the Shah, in 1979. The U. S. government flew the Shah and the Iranian Treasury out of Iran, and put the Shah on Corn Island, off Panama, under the care and feeding of 'strongman' Manuel Noriega.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan, an actor who had pretended to be Governor of California for 8 years, traded insults with George H. W. Bush, who pretended not to be a CIA asset, if not an agent, for decades, as they contended for the Republican Presidential nomination. Reagan won the New Hampshire primary and the Bush campaign team, headed by OSS and CIA hand William Casey, swept in and took over Reagan, and made Bush his Vice President. Admiral Stansfield Turner had fired 100's of CIA officers, agents, assets. Many ended up on the campaign team.

With Casey heading up the CIA many of the fired CIA were 'rehired'. On the White House Transition team were Donald Gregg (soon National Security head) and Theodore Shackley. Reagan was sworn in January 20 and, for all intents and purposes, assassinated in March.

What followed was arms for hostages in Iran, cocaine for Contras in Nicaragua, death squads throughout Central America where countries were destabilized and narco-states set up, which still drives children to try to escape and show up at the Mexican border, and the arming of Saddam Hussein with Weapons of Mass Destruction, encouraged by Reagan/Bush (or Bush/Reagan) for the entire planet to 'get in on' the billions of dollars the dictator had.

When Hussein discovered that his 8-year CIA-U. S. surrogate war on Iran was betrayed by the U. S. supplying satellite intelligence to Iran AND himself, he withdrew from Iran and invaded Kuwait. Rich Kuwaitis were said to be conveniently out of the country at the time, leaving only foreign workers, and the poor there to be savaged by Iraqi invaders. You'd think rich Kuwaitis would have lots of videos to show the invasion. They don't.

In 2018 the entire Middle East is destabilized, like Central America, by this string of predation by the Nazi-Mafia alliance of the CIA, often wielding power in U. S. government, and other governments. Organized Crime has long been allied with them because smuggling people and cargoes has long been their forte'. The Nazis and their allies had the loot of Europe and Asia at the end of the war, art, artifacts, antiques, gemstones, precious metals, currency on many nations. Organized Crime was conspicuous by its absence in the years right after World War II.

When the U. S. invaded Afghanistan (2003?) the price of a kilo of heroin was $900. It dropped instantly to $90; a buyer's market. U. S. soldiers guarded the poppy fields. And suddenly all this wonderful transportation arrived, U. S. military, U. K. military, other military, CIA, MI6, Pentagon Contractors, private who-knows-whose planes flying in and out with a wink and a nod. I speculated it would be a short time until the heroin epidemic would be apparent on the streets of the world. A few months later I heard 'Heather', a teenager in Boston saying, "We used to take Oxycontin and ride around having fun. Now we use heroin. It's cheaper."

Between the Drug War waged by Oxycontin maker Perdue-Pharma and the CIA-Nazi-Mafia alliance the American people and people all over planet Earth are under assault in a Drug War. There is no defensive Drug War. There is no defense but self-defense. If they're appropriating oil they're getting into everything else as well. Someone called them Resource Wars.

In 2018 a President with much liability is probably giving them all the freedom they need to perpetuate their predatory practices. Politicians are horse-trading judicial appointments, to fill federal judge benches they've held open for years, denying hearings for nominees until they had just such a compliant President to give them WHO they want. Judges 'legalize' things that should stay illegal. They even held open a seat on the Supreme Court until THEY could put THEIR BOY in it, for a lifetime appointment. The Nuremberg Laws 'legalized' everything the Nazis did. 'They' learned that lesson of 'legalization'. Nobody went to jail in the mortgage crisis because 'they' repealed the law that made those predatory banking practices illegal. They 'legalized' it.

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