oldephartte (oldephartte) wrote,

#29 Sidebar - Noted Articles

India slashes plans for new nuclear plants by two thirds
Watch every video in VR : Opera Client Upgrade
Canada to Facebook : self regulation is over
Microsoft battles U.S. authorities who want access to foreign-stored data
( paying fines while sanctioned ? )
Turks storm Kurd positions in northern Syria
REAL Video
Pinboard takes over Delicious
Sinclair : At the corner of free speech and propaganda
Everything is Fake
They get everything wrongStartup teaches languages with almost no teachers
Mandatory Overvaccination : The Australian Experience
3 questions not asked in a sick society
Peter Ridd : my battle to question doomsayers about the Great Barrier Reef
Taxpayers Paying Hundreds of Millions for Unnecessary and Inferior Charter Schools
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