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Mike Adams ups the ante against p.c. web harassment

Thank you for your request for a video content channel on REAL.video, which is poised to launch on July 4th as a serious alternative to YouTube censorship.
We've had over 16,000 channel requests so far, and it's growing by hundreds per day. REAL.video is rapidly being recognized as one of the few video community destinations that actively defends your First Amendment rights against the "political correctness" police that have infiltrated and taken over YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter.
We now have a short, simple form ready where you can tell us a bit about yourself and officially request a channel with REAL.video. Go there now by visiting https://REAL.video
(Filling out this short form is required to be approved for a video channel.)
Just fill out the short form on the home page and submit it. Our team will review your request over the next several weeks and, if approved, send you an invitation code that allows you to choose your username and start uploading videos. The more videos you upload before our launch on July 4th, the more people will immediately see your videos as we go live. You can also, of course, embed your videos into your own web pages.
Upload your entire library where you won't be censored...
We actively welcome video content in categories like news and commentary, natural medicine, self-reliance and prepping, firearms and survival, comedy and satire, food and healthy living, science and technology, and much more. As long as your message supports individual liberties and contributes something meaningful to public knowledge, you are welcomed at REAL.video, even if you've been banned by Google, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter (they banned my channels, too, which is why I built REAL.video in the first place.)
REAL.video is being built to support over one billion video views per month. It has all the features you might expect in a professionally-built video hosting community such as video embeds, adaptive playback on mobile devices, video management, traffic reporting and much more. You will find it to be a reliable video community that doesn't kow-tow to the censorship demands of the monopoly tech giants, and we recognize from the start that it's not our problem if some snowflake decides to feel "offended" by your video.
Complete the form now at https://REAL.video and prepare to finally have a place where you can speak your mind without being censored by the "triggered" thought police at YouTube who stifle intelligent speech.
- Mike Adams
Founder, REAL.video
Tags: censorship, facebook, twitter, youtube
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