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I’m going anonymous for professional reasons.

I haven’t spent 30 years in America, but I have spent the majority of my life, basically ever since I was a child, same goes for my wife, she’s been in America since the age of 3, a baby. English is her native language.

Collectively both our parents have spent over $50k in legal fees to try to change their legal status. Mind you when they moved to the US when very little information was available on how to go about it all. They were not wealthy people back in their country and so had even less access to the information that was available.

We’re still not legal residents and were “asked” to leave and return to the country we were born in but could barely speak the language, let alone know my way around and find a way to survive.

As a stubborn and proud American I am (though not paper-certified) I accepted the challenge and moved back, taking along my American-born child.

I am not complaining we had to move away from everything and everyone we’ve ever known, it happens to people all the time, especially in war and conflict zones, but not something you expect in the land of the free.

I do plan to go back when my kid is old enough to grant us green-cards or if I get invited back on a work visa, or maybe even an investors visa if I manage to come up with the money ($500k).

What I don’t think is fair is the fact that we didn’t even get a fair trial. Pledging to the flag, the money spent not only by our parents but by us too (‘bout $20k), the appeals to the government from community leaders such as my elementary school principal, HS principal and wealthy community influencers, volunteering in the community, and the decades of plain being Americans and good citizens really meant nothing when faced with a signature on a piece of paper.

We would’ve done anything to continue living our lives in peace. I would’ve joined the military and done double the standard minimum time. We would’ve paid a monthly fee.

I’m still not complaining. I’m on my way to my masters in engineering right now and we don’t intend on going back just because of financial reasons. But deep inside we feel like we really are Americans. We don’t fit in where we are, not because we don’t like it, we like it a great deal, it’s beautiful and people are great but they can pick up that we’re not from around here the minute they spend some time with us.

All we asked for was a normal everyday life where we’d been free to work and reap the fruits of our labor, and serve our neighbors. But I’m not complaining, just answering your question.

Tags: citizenship, freedom
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