oldephartte (oldephartte) wrote,

Sidebar List - Noted Articles #26

( Just because I'm a jerk ... what if UN signatories refused payment in funny money [ sanctions central $ ] for public utilities to foreign U.S. facilities ? Talk about a boycott ! )
NHS boss quits in protest against underfunding
'War' as a cover for genocide : Korea
Military response to N Korea worst option
Washington forbids Serbia from deMining Syria
Whose bright idea was Russiagate ?
How US government uses Hollywood to propagandize
Speed Reading is Bullshit
6 people who should not be vaccinated
Australian doctors under the gun on vaccinations
What your MD doesn't tell you can harm you
Black Lives Matter wants Police out of Toronto classrooms
The SA-80 : Shame of the British Army
Glyphosate : How is this not genocide ?
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