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Weird Crap.com

Land O LInks

  • Censorship/Human Rights: Information that some people don't want you to know about...
  • Privacy and Anonymity: Who the Hell are you, anyway?
  • How-to Guides Online: "Mommy, how do you make C-4?"
  • Underground Zines: Tasteless and humorous...
  • Amnesty International On-Line -- Which countries have the best or worst human rights record? Which governments censor information for political reasons? Who are the world's prisoners of conscience? All of that is revealed here, on the official web site of Amnesty International.
  • Banned Book On-line -- An online guide which exposes our society's hypocrisy in its banning of certain books. Tom Sawyer, Catcher in The Rye, and many other classics of American literature have been banned by anal retentive elitists who think that you and your kids should not be allowed to read them, because you might get certain ideas that they are uncomfortable with. This site is a virtual library on banned books, and it updated frequently.
  • Censorship and the Internet -- Lots of details on the Exon Amendment, analyis, excerpts, and believe it or not, a scathing attack on it by NEWT GINGRICH! Isn't it great when someone as maligned as Newt actually agrees with you?
  • The Church of Scientology vs. the Net -- Excellent place which documents the Church Of Scientology's perverted censorship attempts (many of which were successful!) in keeping damning information from being known to the general public. Virtually all of their legal battles involving censorship are documented here. Who knows, the Church of Scientology probably has this web site targeted next!
  • Doomed Planet Bookstore -- A place that has lots of great info (and stuff for sale, too) on subversive literature of all types, and censored literature in particular. This site is very similar to Loompanics and Amok, who also sell lots of weird and censored books.
  • The Electronic Freedom Foundation -- Fighting for your First Amendment Rights on the Net, the EFF has been on the cutting edge of societal evolution since the 80's, and they can even help you defend your electronic rights in court if you need it. They are the most respectable subversives around.
  • The Exon Amendment Fan Page -- A page poking fun at the infamous Exon telecommunications Reform Bill, which would make it a crime to say "pooh pooh Kah Kah" words on the net, punishable by fines and imprisonment. It's okay to go out in public or write a book saying that you think certain government officials are "Assholes", but apparently, it's different when you do it through Email. Go figure.
  • The Gate Of heavenly Peace -- "...is a documentary about the protests at Tiananmen in 1989, and the resulting Beijing Massacre of June 4. The film explores the history of the demonstrations and comments on the "deep structure" of political habits and attitudes that have informed public life in China over the past century. The filmmakers present a wide range of Chinese perspectives on a defining moment in China's modern history." In addition, the web site contains a lot of background information on the people, the filmmakers, and the series of events that led up to the massacre.
  • Internet Bondage -- This is a site which tells a detailed story of how one user and his statements on the net got him kidnapped and held by a psychiatric hospital, where he was kept without any trial or due process. It happens more often than you think -- rub a smartass the wrong way, and your name and address can be sent to people who can really fuck your life up -- and you cannot escape unless you know what to do ahead of time.
  • THE HACKER CRACKDOWN -- An on-line book (also available in print) about how the government and industry try to keep up with hackers. Useful reference for knowing what feds and businesses can do to you if you play around in cyberspace where you aren't welcom. I always felt that the computer geeks in charge of some systems deserved the hacking that their systems get. A clever hacker figured out that many system admin types are also Star Trek fans, and lo and behold, most of the passwords they use to protect their computers are names from Star Trek.
  • Loompanics, Unlimited -- This is my FAVORITE bookstore in the whole world! Since the early 80's, when I first heard about them, I have been buying up all the weird books they have, especially the ones on serial killers, bomb-making, and outdoors-living. These people sell every book that Jesse Helms feels is unfit to print (so you know they MUST be cool). Funny thing, too -- Their catalog was BANNED in Canada, and you can go to jail and be fined for transporting any of the books across the border into Canada!
  • McSpotlight -- Some Greenpeace members (not that I like Greenpeace, but these people were in the right) in England distributed a factsheet on McDonalds, calling attention to many facts about how McDonalds does business around the world. Apparently, in countries where there are people starving because of lack of food, McDonalds bought land and raises grain to feed cattle -- which they also bought land for. While peasants starve because nobody is growing food to feed people, McDonald's cows have plenty to eat. The people who distributed the factsheet used information that is freely available, and McDonalds has been trying to sue these people for millions of dollars, in a blatant attempt to censor them. Find out all about it here!
  • NOT The South China Morning Post -- When The communist government of China took over Hong Kong, the first thing to get hit was the media. Most of Hong Kong's newspapers have had their staffs gutted and replaced by communist sicophants who cater to the pro-China crowd. Fortunately, freedom is not totally lost there. NTSCMP is a seriously subversive scandal rag that reports all the news that the real South China Morning Post rejects or censors to serve the Commies. Not only that, but they also lampoon the Hong Kong transitionary government. Recently, the website was forced to move to America, because the Chinese government has taken control of the internet in Hong Kong. I salute them for continuing to lampoon those commie pinko bastards!
  • Project Censored -- A source for learning about news stories that have been censored. Essentially, the news media is into pleasing it's advertisers (or extorting from them) even more than it is dedicated to reporting the truth. The News Media (ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, Time-Warner, Newsweek, and the rest) will pull important and significant stories from being broadcast or written about, if doing so would cast their advertisers in a bad light. Pressure from the government can also be used to squelch and modify the news that you get. What we get in the end is what big corporations and/or government wants you to see.
  • Spoof On D.A.R.E. Tragedy -- D.A.R.E. is following in the footsteps of the Church Of Scientology, Jehovah's Witnesses, and McDonalds by trying to censor someone who DARED to spoof their organization. This guy made a T-Shirt that read "I turned in my parents and all I got was this lousy T-shirt," and that enraged D.A.R.E. so much that they're suing his ass off for $20,000. This is yet another attack on the First Amendment, which protects parody. D.A.R.E. is made up of thousands of Police officers who swore to uphold the constitution. I guess we should make them take refresher courses in what the First Amendment is all about.

  • Space Proxy -- Space Proxy is a FREE proxy service that lets you surf the web anonymously. It's easy to use. Just go to their page, and plug in the address of the place you want to surf to.
  • Proxymate -- Another FREE service that lets you surf anonymously.
  • IDZap -- This proxy goes even futher than the two above ones. It actually erases info from the packets you send and receive, like ID tags, machine names, Ip numbers, and cookies. Best of all, it's FREE.
  • The Anonymizer -- Similar to IDZap, this site offers anonymous Email, as well.
  • Hush-Mail -- Hushmail is a FREE anonymous email program that is secure, provided that the person receiving it is also using Hushmail.
  • PrivacyX -- A FREE service that lets you send and recieve secure, your-eyes-only email that only you can read.
  • Ghost Mail -- This is a freeware program that lets you send anonymous messages, with or without a remailer, to any email addresses or newsgroups.
  • ZipLip -- a FREE service that lets you send private, anonymous, secure email. Pay a little money, get more features.
  • Ebuse -- An anonymous email service that even protects your address from receiving spam, as well as prevent spam robots from taking your address for their mail lists. Best of all, it's FREE.
  • Pretty Good Privacy FREEWARE -- The FREE version of the most popular, heralded, and well-known privacy software. It encrypts your email, so that the only people who can read it are ones with the key, which you give them.
  • BCWipe -- This program allows you to TOTALLY erase data from your hard drive. When you delete a file, the computer doesn't really delete it; it merely changes a marker bit that lets the computer know that it's okay to overwrite the data that the file used to take up. This program actually replaces all of the bits of a deleted file with zeroes, so it's trully gone forever.
  • Eraser -- A FREE program that allows you to erase data completely from your hard drive.
  • Cryptext -- Cryptext is a public domain Windows 95 / Windows 98 / NT 4 shell extension that performs strong file encryption, and is available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese language versions. You just right-click on any file system object to encrypt or decrypt it.

  • The Anarchist's Cookbook On-Line -- This is the classic book that started it all, now in HTML format with a nice topical index. No more going down to Newbury Comics or Tower Records and paying $15 for it. Now you can read it all for free, and learn how to fuck things up all by yourself, or with your favorite anarchist friends.
  • The Anarchist Sampler -- A collection of information and links on anarchy, bombs, explosives, violence, and politics.
  • Anarchy and Explosives Magazine -- This is a bunch of famous text files that have been on BBS's and the net since the early 80's. There are many recipes for bombs and improvised weapons, as well as other how-to information for screwing around with various businesses and government systems. Happy hacking. And remember-- do not make any bombs with this info...YOU'LL SHOOT YER EYE OUT!
  • The Avenger -- Geroge Hayduke compiled a series (still growing after 5 volumes!) of books on revenge, and how certain creative individuals contrived poetic justice for people they hate. This site is one person's attempt to capture the art of revenge in much the same way George Hayduke did, and you'll have fun just reading how other people got their revenge in creative, entertaining -- AND LEGAL ways.
  • Backyard Ballistics -- I have a new hobby thanks to this guy -- Blowing shit up! Remember when you were a kid and got one of those spud guns, where you'd jam a plastic pistol's mussel into a potato and shoot a spud-pellet at your friends, your cat, or into your mouth (Ouch!)?? Well, this guy has the adult versions of those toys. You can get easy-to-follow plans here on how to build the hair-spray powered Spud cannon, the environmentally friendly pneumatic spud cannon, The high-powered "Spudzooka", and my favorite, the gattling-spud-gun! you'll find hours of fun here that'll piss off your neighbors and frighten the cops!
  • Black Crawling System Archives -- Information on Hacking, phreaking, making neat gadgets, survival tactics, paranoid worldviews, and paramilitary things. One of the best resources on the web for projects of questionable purposes.
  • The M.I.T. Guide to Lock Picking -- MIT students provide an ol-line course in how locks work, and how to foil them. Locksmithing is an ancient trade, but it's also a very simple technology that anyone can learn. This site gives you more information than you could possibly need to know about lock picking, and could end up saving your life or money! It's also useful for subversion.
  • Telecommunications Systems Information -- If hacking and not being seen is your game, this sites got the info that will keep you ahead of most detection. The most incredible on-line resource on telecommunications equipment, protocols, and ATM machines (yes, using similar info, some famous crooks made a fake ATM machine and got away with lots of other people's card ID's and PIN numbers! EASY MONEY!). If anything, you will find everything you ever wanted to know about network terms and structure. THE NET IS YOUR HOME, KNOW IT WELL!
  • Todd's Atomic Online Guide -- Everything you need to know in order to delve into atomic energy, including links to places which tell you how Atomic Bombs are made. Yep -- the ultimate in subversion -- personal nukes!
  • Utah Anarchism and Revolution Page -- Yep, an anarchist organization on the Web from Utah which gives all would-be anarchists and revolutionaires support for their revolutionary views.
  • _The ÜnderÑet_ -- The best hacking resources available on the Internet. The Undernet is the world's largest underground hacking organization in the world, made up of hackers, crackers, phreakers, programmers and technicians from every continent.

Disinformation: Everything you know is WRONG! -- This is a really great site that showcases all sorts of interesting articles and links about the disinformation that most people think is "common knowledge" and worse.
  • them to modify their body. I nearly cringed at the article they recently did on "penis splitting", complete with photos!
  • The Church Of The SubGenius -- This is the official web page of the fastest growing, and most deliberately bogus religion ever. The SubGenius church is a bizarre fake-cult devoted to slack and making money, and they are up front about it. They WANT to pay taxes. Their motto (and my favorite motto, too) is "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke!"
  • The Advertising Parody Home Page -- A fun site devoted to making fun of corporate America's advertising. Hours of fun to be had here, with too many parody ads to see. Check out the Malboro Man -- it's a great one.
  • THE SPANKER -- This is a man after my own heart! He reviews the stupidest and lamest web sites, giving his own unique, bad-attitude perspective. Since I was first contacted by him, he's sent me a few choice URLs to decapitate. I expect to do some more business with him in the future.
  • 2600: Hacker's Quarterly -- Possibly the oldest Hacker's magazine, now online. 2600 has been around since home computers have been around. They have all the info you need. Trust me.
  • Cult Of The Dead Cow -- Another gem from the bad boyz at the L0pht, full of great info and subversive links. This proves once again that L0pht.com rules when it comes to subversion on the net.
  • The Internet Underground -- The name sez it all. Info and links to a lot of the same stuff that I have right here, plus groups of hackers, cyberpunks, and PGP (Pretty Good Privacy, a security program that the government cannot fuck with!)
  • Paranoia: The Conspiracy Reader -- An excellent magazine that has articles exploring the validity and facts behind various conspiracy theories. This website is a tie-in for a magazine that you can buy at those out-of-the-way magazine stands that sell everything. It's not an advocate of kooky positions, but rather a forum for all positions.
  • Phrack Magazine -- All the other hacker sites have this linked, so why not include it here. It's a favorite source and place for hackers to exchange info on credit card tampering, phone systems tampering, and anything else that you can do electronically that nobody wants you to do.
  • FringeWare Inc. -- Very hip underground zine that has all kinds of stuff on hackers, cyberpunk culture, and fun subversion.
  • The Internet Underground -- A starting point to find more subversive material. This is the keyhole that you peek through on a universe just begging you to open the door to.
  • SUCK Online Magazine -- Cool bad attitude magazine that is updated EVERY DAY! Scathing articles on various Net related issues. Check the 10-31-95 back issue for scathingly funny Dianetics putdown...
  • ADBUSTERS -- This is one of my favorite magazine's online Web page. Their game is to take advertising and twist it around to tell the truth. They have this awesome ad for "Patches 96" for Windows 95 by "Mickeysoft" (Complete with little mouse ears on the logo) that says it all. No wonder the best subversive hackers prefer Unix. Adbusters is the most subversive magazine to go mainstream. Some of their ad-parodies have been sued over, and the plaintiffs lost in each case, which sounds great to me! Parody is protected free speech -- Don't high-payed corporate lawyers know that already?






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