oldephartte (oldephartte) wrote,

Sidebar Notes #22

Is Cassiopeia really a cult? ( defamation alert re: SoTT )
Hillary Clinton disqualified from U.S. public office
The death of Obama's slush funds
Why Uber is a scam
Ignorance and bigotry about Omar Khadr's settlement
Omar Khadr ' innocent ' in death of U.S. soldier
Vivaldi Makes History
Chelsea Manning released
Deportation of protected immigrant sends shockwaves
My Family's Slave ( Reporter's Final Story )
War on Drugs 'crippling' overdose, HIV response
( not to mention research on medical applications )
6 writers on life behind bars in Turkey

Why didn't Russians shoot down Tomahawks in Syria ?
Living Resistance
Barefoot's World
Best Articles on Farnam Street
American Milk Banned in Europe
Fighting to Save the Last of Canada's Giant Trees
Energy companies abandon nearly one million hectares of
Alberta oilsands exploration leases

Tags: articles, notes
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