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>>> The majority of children who have been put into foster care without actually being abused, neglected, and dependent and are legally SUBMITTED to higher risk of human trafficking by the Child Welfare Services Department who places them there by authority of local Courts. <<<

This bill is only a bandaid to the negative results of a corrupt fostercare system gone wrong.

Children in foster care are at a higher risk of being human trafficking victims. BUT over 3/4 abuse, dependency, and neglect reports go unsubstantiated (meaning they can't prove factual abuse, neglect, or dependency). (3/4 of the initial reports are malicious attempts by the reporter with no civil action repercussion being able to be taken against them - In the statewide survey, 79 percent of intake social workers and 62 percent of county leadership reported that false or malicious reports were “significantly contributing to caseloads"...

"In fiscal year 2013-14, 2,149 (16.2%) reports were considered substantiated."

"Children and youth in out-of-home care, who have been removed from their homes because of child abuse or neglect, are at particularly high risk of being trafficked. Their background of abuse and trauma—coupled with the impermanence of foster care or congregate care— can make them especially vulnerable.

Research has documented a high percentage of trafficked children and youth who spent time in foster care before being exploited, and some have gone so far as to argue that the majority of trafficked youth have experienced some child welfare involvement (Human Rights Project for Girls, 2013)" https://www.childwelfare.gov/pubPDFs/trafficking.pdf

This needs to go statewide! NC House Bill 910 calls for "establishing a pilot program to educate students in grades 6, 8, and 10 about the dangers and signs of human trafficking, to train law enforcement officers to identify signs of human trafficking, to appropriate funds to implement the pilot programs, and to appropriate funds to the DHHS to provide shelter beds and mental health services to victims of human trafficking." According to WNCN.com, "The measure also envisions funding to help nonprofits create shelters that house sex-slave victims and to provide mental health services." Currently, the target counties are Wake, Mecklenberg, and New Hanover.

The tentative price tag is more than $50 million over two years.

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The church is asleep to one of the roots of evil concerning child trafficking; It is Child Welfare Services. They rush traumatized families through court procedures that lawyers should be educating the families about, but are not. The Departments can then utilize local courts to legally seize the children who are overwhelmingly from unsubstantiated (no proof, often malicious in nature) reports, and place them into foster care. The Federal incentive$ roll in through Title IV-E and the forcing of child $upport upon the families. Imagine having to pay to visit your own child for an hour per week. Some parents go bankrupt trying to hire lawyers for their case, but the attorneys are all friends with each other and often times with the judge since they all came from the same state bar. The children and parents both experience trauma that often can't be healed from; parents commit suicide, experience legal abuse syndrome, marital stress, can't grieve the dead because their children are still alive. Children in fostercare run away, have higher risk of dropouts at school and homelessness. They can be factually abused by their fostercare families and often are. Then there is that, the high risk of human trafficking that automatically attaches itself to children in foster care.

Many foster care families come from church with good intentions and aren't awake to the truth (I mean you can't go anywhere without seeing 'sign up to be a foster care family!' Sign on a bus or a billboard) - so instead of signing up a child to a statistically doomed future by exposing them to foster care and enabling Child Welfare Services to profit from the destruction of families, get active on the community through local nonprofits and church ministry. Minister to families and learn what protective factors help families stay away from factual abuse, neglect, and dependency. Get educated and don't help destruction reign for the lack of knowledge.

Yes, fostercare once had a place and purpose, but the purpose has been so utterly twisted by greed and pride that it isn't what you think anymore. (See the 1997 Adoption Act, where Child Welfare gets more money terminating rights and adopting out on top of foster care incentives.) Let's stop the bandaid measures and jump in to getting our hands dirty with true progress in change. And don't just pray for foster care system, pray for us believers who have been cast into the thick of the child welfare system to root out this evil for the glory of the Lord, Adonai. It is awful on the front lines of this kind of spiritual warfare, and we are praying you fellow Brothers and Sisters WAKE UP.

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