oldephartte (oldephartte) wrote,

Sidebar List #19

One Year Ago, Today
Oil spills break fish hearts
TSA caught smuggling cocaine
EPA : Fracking has contaminated drinking water
Marcellus Shale : Radon Levels in Gas
For Exxon,Hybrids were another Road not Taken
Switzerland : Sovereign Money Initiative
Canada's Genocide Explained
History Textbooks : The Ienaga Cases
Butterfly Effect
Doubts and labels
Spent Fuel Fire in US Could Dwarf FukushimaWhy Arabs resent Sykes-PicotGladio : NATO'S Dagger at the Heart of Europe
Security Clearance Proliferation : Overloaded System & Fraud
Mind control engineers drugging children
9-11 Data Dump

Total Mind Control Stranger Things

The Black Vault
Cannabis to treat Alzheimers ?
10 life lessons you should unlearnAntidote to Biased Thinking
...and the Pursuit of Happiness
Call out the climate change deniers ( Mind Control R US )Quantum Distortion in Space
'Patient Advocacy' Groups funded by Big Pharma
Message to Barack and FriendsFive things you notice when you quit the news44 cool websites and apps
Under Surveillance in Russia
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