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Sidebar Notes XII

Link dump from oldephartte.blogspot.ca

How Browsers Work

Quantum Quirks

Washington is a Great Danger to the World

Breaking the Promise to Russia

Iran is not biggest nuclear cheater

Lies my history teacher taught me : Bombing Hiroshima

U.S. poised to put heavy weaponry in East Europe

Depression and WW II photos

The Fifth Column

History of Libertarianism

11 Things you didn't know about CIA operations in the USSR

Taash Communications :

Iranian Green Movement Support

Keep Expectations of Iran's Regional Role Realistic

Washington's covert war inside Iran

Privatizing the war of terror

The Cold War on British Muslims

A Catholic backlash against Sharia hysteria ?

Resisting anti-immigrant messaging

Tradecraft : What a military mindset can teach activists

The Art of War : Sun Tzu

Oil weaponized : Evolution of Economic Warfare

Allies starve Germany in 1919 1945-1950

Yemen and the Militarization of Strategic Waterways

The US did not cause the end of the Soviet Union

Churchill's crimes and Chilcoot Inquiry on Iraq War

Why don't they tell the authorities ?

Eisenhower : the German Prisoner Controversy

The CIA invents the term 'Conspiracy Theorist' : Smear Campaign to Discredit Dissenters

6 things to say about anti Planned Parenthood


How the US Propaganda System Works

The Power of Corporate Propaganda :

The Mythology of Business

War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda

Benefits of not believing mainstream media

Shame on the Media

Sic Semper Tyrannus

Kafka's America : Secret Courts, Secret Laws, and Total Surveillance

Rise of American Shadow Government

Surveillance Oversight Board is a sideshow

Stare Decisis and Secret Law

FISA,NSA and America's secret court system

Spotlighting the Surveillance Court

The Justice Campaign : Torture and Gitmo

Who is a Terrorist ?

The Real Nuclear Danger

Crying Wolf over Iran's nuclear program

Iran is talked about,,,but not heard from

The manufactured story about Iran's nuclear program

Nuclear Education : Critical Mass

Origins of Police

Disabled People Against Cuts

Unsafe abortions kill 47,000 as US politics

interfere with lifesaving efforts

Special Ops operations in 70% of countries

Out of Sight,Out of Mind : drones

12 cognitive biases that prevent you from being rational


Confirmation Bias as the Strongest Marketing Tactic

War on Reason : proof of error buttresses belief

Getting Past Scientized Scrutiny

Explaining climate forecasting to an 8 year old

Climate Feedback : Online Peer Review

Hannah Devlin

How 'Reverse Blame' works : US Geopolitics

Fluoride Action Network

GMOs, Glyphosate and Soil Biology

Pollution causes twice as many deaths each year as HIV/Aids,malaria and tuberculosis combined

PTSD linked to accelerated aging

How our botched understanding of 'science'

ruins everything

Communicating Science in the Evolving World of Social Media

Majority of Science Publishing Controlled by

Six Companies

A whole branch of science turns out to be Fake

U.S. scientists significantly more likely to

publish fake research

When psychological science...isn't

Forget facts : Teach students how to learn

Here's what will truly change higher education :

Online degrees that are seen as official

14 Educational Tools

Make school a democracy

What Americans keep ignoring about Finland's schoolsuccess

Business Plan to Liquidate Public Education

What Charter Schools USA Employees

think of Charter Schools USA

Why are homeschooled kids so annoying ?

Sea level trends

Higher electricity costs raise alarm across Europe

Why Big Wind Power Won't Work

12 worst ideas Religion has unleashed on the world

Presbyterian church formally approves gay

marriage in church constitution

238,000 US veterans die waiting for health care

US war on ISIS is a Trojan Horse

Criminalisation of Islam in British Media

Elitocide : Bangladesh

Was there an Islamic'Genocide' of Hindus ?

( And who were these 'Islamic' murderers ? )

Propaganda during the British Raj

( special note of Harjas Kaur's comment )

Long Term Effects of Low Level Radiation -

and How to Prevent Them

Exercise not key to obesity fight

Caring for the Back Naturally

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