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Sidebar Notes X

Discussions of Economics and Public Policy

US Aid exposed in Cuba : what it tells us of US subversion worldwide

world trade center demolition

Revelations of Dr. Richard Day

Planet Ocean

Canada's 'world class' marine safety a 'cruel joke'

How Wolves Change Rivers HT Dawn D

World Resources Institute - IPCC

Why Google halted its research into renewable energy

Alternative News

Sarcastic Font

Is religion inherently authoritarian ?


Islam,Terrorism and Hypocrisy : U.S. imperialism in the Muslim World

Dominionism and the rise of Christian Imperialism

Find Yourself

UK government censors,suppresses truth

Over 600 reported chemical exposure in Iraq

Disqus - following users

well-paid assholes with opinions vs. poorly-paid assholes with opinions

Western media shockingly dishonest on Russia's part in Ukraine events (Ria Novosti)

"Spin" : Edward Bernays ; War Monger

Care2 News

Natural News

Psyops - Google+

You Lied

A Nation Beguiled

Guilt by Insinuation

Why Kids Sext

Wikileaks is government disinfo operation

Project Camelot : Twilight of the Old Boys Network

The Watchers

Dr. John v. Kampen / Noted on YouTube ;
Bruce Lipton, Tom Campbell, Gottman, Hagelin, Rob Williams,Michael Persinger

10 Sentences that can change your life

Community Building : Increase your blog's reach


The problems of social sciences

"Christian Reich" anti gay propaganda

Texas Appleseed

Argument against Solitary Confinement

The Most Relaxing Tune

Measurement Equivalents

New Media Tools

Essential Free Software

Piwik Web Analytics

Limited Government : Basic Education to end US war crimes

American intervention : Russia 1918-1920

Libertarian Blog Feed Aggregator

How our botched understanding of science ruins everything

Blogging Science

Scientific Misconduct

Perversion of Science and Medicine : Gun Control and Public Health

Restrictive drug laws censor science

William Marcus - EPA Science Adviser

Dangerous side effects of fluoridated antibiotics


Fluoridation : Quality of Evidence

Facts About Fluoridation

Is Fluoride Safe ?

Fluoride Toxic to Children

The Wireless Agenda

Vaccines did not save us - 2 centuries of official statistics

Experimental Vaccines

The Hate Debate ( vaccination )

Vaccine Wars Revisited..V

Toxic Buildings : Lack of Make Up Air Spurs Mould Growth and Chemical Air Pollution

Chinese air pollution debunks EPA stats

Bill prohibits EPA from using secret science

Remember the Acid Rain scare ?

Silent Menace : Air Fresheners

Artificial sweeteners may leave you gutted

Time to drop hazardous low fat guidelines

FDA spies on its scientists to muzzle whistleblowers

Why bees are disappearing

Food and Health Skeptic

5 Foods That are Killing the Planet

Silent Spring at 50

World without Cancer

Primary cause of Lung Cancer - Radioactive Fertilizer

How damaged is your DNA ? ( Exogen Bio Ad )

Sodium Bicarbonate : a cure for cancer and other illnesses

Habits of Mind



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