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The Truth About China's Covid-19 Response

The Truth About China's Covid-19 Response

While the U.S. took two-and-a-half years to identify HIV/AIDS after the discovery of the first symptomatic case in the country, China discovered, identified and contained COVID-19 within a few months. No wonder the world understands that China’s successful national mobilization to stop the COVID-19 virus was unprecedented, as recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). Also well understood is that China’s rapid detection and transparency in reporting of the COVID-19 outbreak was a breathtaking display of medical, scientific and administrative effectiveness.

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Read or listen to Dr. Judy Mikovitz Doctors For Accountability In Medicine D.C, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and a myriad of others.
WATCH. https://www.youtube.com/wat...
The bioweapons are mainstream as vaccine court is now established. All countries are working together as the US was an investor in the Wuhan Bioweapns labs. The US has over 400 bioweapons facilities around the world in every continent.

Vaccines have been known as a fraud since 1850s with a paper by Alfred Wallace for Parliment in1889 with the the Title "Vaccinination Proved Useless and Dangerous From Fourty Five Years of Registration Statistics. Vaccination is based on quack science of Louis Pasteur who blamed the virus which have been around for millions of years as well as bacteria and only a fool would consider the elimination possible as these are required as building blocks of life (See Dr. Shiva Ayyandurai for explanation of how the system of virus, bacteria and the human body works). Dr. Antoine Beauchamp was the scientist, Doctor of several medicine and biological specialties that proved that it is the health of the environment which leads to the health of the person's immune system to fight what is and always will be around.

Then there are the banks that knew of this well ahead of time.
On September 17, 2019, months before any case of coronavirus COVID-19 had been discovered anywhere in the world, the New York Fed began pumping out hundreds of billions of dollars a week in super cheap loans to the trading houses of Wall Street, a group of 24 firms it calls its “primary dealers.” This action in the repo loan market was the first by the New York Fed since the financial crisis of 2008. By January 27, 2020, before one death had been announced in the United States from the virus, the New York Fed had pumped $6.6 trillion cumulatively in revolving loans to the trading houses of Wall Street. By March 14, the loan tally was more than $9 trillion and climbing.

Consider the source of this misinformation. The US, UK, Canada was working with China in the development of the Corona Retro-Virus. Book "Eyes of Darkness" Dean Koontz 1981 has it called Wuhan-400 Corona Virus and this is 39 years ago. Rockefeller had it released by 2015 in the book, Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. North Carolina at Chapel Hill was working on it as a Gain of Function Virus back in 2014. In 2001 the National Institutes of Medicine was saying it was going to be a Pandemic based. on SARS in Chapter 3 of the book "Learning From Sars
Preparing for the Next Disease Outbreak" by the Institute of Medicine.

The US created a far more deadly virus called the Spanish Flu which first appeared at Fort Riley KS in 1918 killing over 50,000,000 in a little over a year. The Wichita Observer reported it and that it was the FIRST place to be infected.

Any media. type is programming the people to believe something that isn't honest or real. Infowars is the worst offender and biggest defender of Israel who said they have been working on a cure for 3 1/2 years. It's just like 9/11 (the US military and even the Pentagon ran tests for years of this scenario and where were they regarding the most heavily guarded place on earth - Norman Mineta to Cheney - "Does the order still stand...". How did they know and why did they not tell anyone? Because it is a Parasite State whose Jonathan Institute works with American Friends of the Jonathan Institute and are the biggest players in world terrorism. MK Naomi (Bioweapons that grow in the inside of the body causing problems such as Morgallons disease for those that reject it), MK Ultra (Programming the human mind in every way possible), School of the Americas (Terrorist organization to set up puppet dictators for financial and resource gain), Operation Gladio where the US bombed Europe and Australia into submission blaming the communists and there are hundreds of Operation this and that.

The US works WITH China with Wuhan being a sister facility to Ft. Detrick and others in the UK and Russia. They are all owned by the same paymasters.

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