oldephartte (oldephartte) wrote,

Vaccine Safety Pledge

Jen E Marion


I Pledge to Follow the CDC's Recommended Adult Vaccine Schedule and believe the following........

1. I believe that vaccines are Safe and Effective, and I am fully aware that vaccinating can cause: Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Insomnia, Eczema, Allergies, Influenza, Vertigo, Arthritis, Earaches, Anaphylactic Shock, Bronchospasms, Multiple Neurological Issues, Vasculitis, Seizures, Myalgia, Fainting, Encephalitis, Thrombocytopenia, Hair Loss, Meningitis, Measles, Anemia, Agitation, Apathy, Hemorrhaging, Deafness, Tumors, Chickenpox, Tremors, Dermatitis, Alzheimer's, SIDS, Herpes, Thrush, Pneumonia, Death and Many other Diseases.

2. I believe that vaccines are safe and effective. However, in the case of injury or death, I am aware that I can NOT sue the vaccine manufacturer. I believe NOT being able to sue the manufacturer is justifiable and that any claim I may have will go before the Vaccine Injury Court which has already awarded $3.7 Billion to vaccine injured individuals.

3. I believe vaccines do not cause autism, despite being listed as an adverse reaction on the manufacturers insert. I acknowledge the multiple vaccine-induced autism cases already awarded in court and the thousands of cases in line.

4. I believe that the unvaccinated spread disease, even though the vaccine inserts admit that vaccines shed those very same diseases being vaccinated against. I am aware that over 90% of people involved in "outbreaks" are vaccinated.

5. I believe that vaccines are so safe and effective that injecting aborted fetus DNA into my body is totally acceptable. I believe this practice trumps other religious beliefs and it is our constitutional right to choose.

6. I believe vaccines are safe and effective, even though they’re not tested for Cancer, DNA mutation, or infertility.

7. I believe that injecting: Weed Killer, Formaldehyde, Aluminum, Mercury, Monkey Kidney Cells, Salt, Glucose, Fungus, Acetone, Alcohol, Antibiotics, Disinfectant, Castor oil, E.coli, Guinea Pig Cells, Urine, Pig Protein, Canine Cells, MSG, Germicide, Yeast, Shark Liver oil, Human and Cow Blood, Tar, Methanol, Antacid, Chloroform, Acids, Vitamins and Aborted Fetus DNA into my body is completely safe.

8. I believe we should trust the CDC, an independent company that owns several vaccine patents even though they have been caught lying and falsifying documents.

9. I believe that vaccines are safe and effective, even though the Department of Health and Human Services has been sued (and lost) because they have not filed a vaccine safety study in the last 32 years.

10. I believe the (maybe) two hours of vaccine education doctors receive in medical school is sufficient. I believe doctors lie and bully parents into vaccinating because deep down inside they really care. I believe that the $40,000 bonus they receive for vaccinating patients is not a factor for them.

11. I believe and trust our government is honest and transparent. I also believe that the media is never manipulating and we can trust in those whom we can NOT hold liable.

12. I believe that the vaccines my children receive "Save Lives," so therefore, I agree to do my part and get the 88 or more vaccines recommended for Adults by the CDC (in order to “catch up”).

I acknowledge the 2011 U.S Supreme Courts ruling declaring vaccines "Unavoidably Unsafe”

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DATE: _____________

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