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Climate and Media-Promoted Dogmas

Understanding the Climate Movement : the Impotence of Science
att's Up With That


Two great religions fell in the 20th century, Christianity and Marxism-Leninism. Though holdouts of each remain here and there, they are both mostly finished in the West. These falls created a huge gap in our self-conception and search for moral answers. They have been exploited by neo-Marxian Environmentalists who have constructed a new religion for the West (and the world). It has rituals (that make no sense like recycling), saints (like Rachel Carson), dogma (climate change), priests (“scientists” like Michael Mann and his buddies), and all of this shoved down our children’s throats is government schools in as complete a marriage between church and state as has ever existed. The Inquisition would have loved to have as much control of youngsters’ minds as the Green Church does today. Into this world has come a *moral panic* similar to the great moral panics of the past, whether it was witches, or prohibition, or anti-drug hysteria, or the McMartin Preschool hysteria, or the hysteria surrounding Dungeons and Dragons, or even Harry Potter. Moral Panics exist when there is a strong religious undercurrent against what the religious authorities believe to be something standing in their way of creating a righteous society on Earth mirroring whatever heavenly society they intend to create. Today’s moral panic is about the almost entirely fictitious phenomenon of “white supremacy,” because it was primarily white people who voted for and elected a person standing in the way of the neo-Marxian environmental totalitarianism that this new religion wants to impose.

The white supremacy moral panic started with real racists (though not white supremacists, of which there are none), and has moved to everyone else who disagrees with the new church’s dogma. This website (which I’ve been reading for years) has never once said anything about race, so one would think it was immune from charges of white supremacy, yet that is not how the new religious totalitarians think. Anthony is white. Anthony provides the number one web site that argues that climate change is not an imminent threat. Therefore, Anthony, and all who help him and read him must be white supremacists. That’s the logic, and while it may not have come yet, it will come soon. WUWT will be put on some list of “hate groups” by the SPLC or ADL or other thought police organization. Your ISP will be petitioned to dump you. You will be banned from Facebook and Twitter and Youtube. Paypal will dump you. And you will have to scramble to find a new digital home. The reason you have not been attacked yet is that the modern Inquisition is opportunistic and is going after easier targets first. But make no mistake, they WILL come after you. Have a plan in place. Have a backup site in place. Previous moral panics have cost thousands or even millions of people their lives. The idea that this moral panic will leave a website like WUWT alone is ridiculous. Look at their masked black-shirted terrorists roaming our streets shutting down debates, lectures, universities, and governments. For people who brain their opponents with bike locks or punch them in the face on live television, shutting down a website is peanuts.

Have a plan.

Tags: belief systems, media, uncertain certainty
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