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Sidebar Notes XI

The Science Delusion

120 Gibberish Science Papers Withdrawn

Muzzled Science Timeline

Calling all Canadians : Check Your Climate's Context

Spain : Minute of Silence for Science killed by Austerity

Cosmology Quest : Electric Universe and Plasma Physics

Scizzle - all the hottest science in one place

Life Lessons for My Nephew

Standardized Testing : Alfred North Whitehead ( 1929 )

Big Easy,Little Choice | Edushyster

The Privatization of Special Education

5 countries that do the opposite of the US on higher education

Teacher spends 2 days as student and is shocked at what she learns

Is Free Play essential for Learning ?

Inside the Mammoth Backlash to Common Core

Resegregation of public schools by race and economics

National Takeover of School Curriculum

Parents,educators rally against Alberta's 'new math'

Marco Learning Systems

Dumbing Down and Common Core

The Hollow Center of Common Core

Math Curriculum - Change

Collection of Mind Control Quotes

Strategic implications of 12 unasked questions in response to disaster

Knowing when someone is blowing smoke up your ass

80,000 Americans suffer slow motion torture of Burying Alive

Barriers to Acknowledging Fact and Reason

Omanuel's Blog


Desert Peace : Must Reads at Sabbah

Sabbah : Osama bin Laden

The US as nuclear rogue state

Afghanistan : America skews the Narrative

Chilcot Inquiry : Britain covers up war crimes

People's History of Egypt :2011-13

Hillary,Hitler and Cold War II

Sanctions against Russia will backfire against the West

Freedom Next Time

Russia may not have invaded Crimea

Ukraine was a CIA playbook Coup d'Etat

Ukraine is about Oil. So was World War I

R2P : The Tables Turn on the West in Crimea

Azerbaijan,Caspian blowout,Deepwater Horizon, quick cement

Coral Damage goes deeper in Gulf of Mexico`s oil spill zone

Fossil Fuels are Immoral ?

Tar Sands photos

Hydraulic Fracturing 101

Sinkhole under Tennessees Boone Dam -7 Nuclear plants downstream - meltdowns certain if dam fails

Engineered screaming about Hydrofracking

Oil and Gas : Drilling safety exemptions and how they got there

Fracking : Suicide Capitalism Poisons the Earth's Fresh Water Supplies

Fracking : the problem of how to measure health threats

FracFocus : Chemical Disclosure Registry

Fracking's False Promise of Plenty

Fracking a nuclear plant in the Barnett Shale ( Squaw Creek Dam )

Purposefully Confusing World of Energy Politics

Rip-Off of Iraq's Oil Wealth

What the Exxon Valdez ( should have ) Taught Us

Feds weaken new Oil by Rail regulations days after announcing them

New Keystone Scandal

Historic Agreement on Coal Ash

Computer Science Education Kits

Open Access tools for Geoscience Education

Law Schools Competing on Course Materials Prices

Lakeoff on Communication : Liberals do everything wrong

Value of Teacher Preparation

Questions for the Vote-Stripping Brigade

Pete Seegur : To Everything, There is a Season

Audit systems targets only Aboriginal groups that receive federal cash

How the FBI co-ordinated the crackdown on Occupy

60's activists who stole FBI COINTELPRO files

Rock Bottom

Libya : The Other Side of the Story

Covert Action

Whistleblower suffers shakedowns

A Shadow US Foreign Policy

The Iran Nuclear Scare

Iran and Nuclear Weapons

Police Power

The Intercept

Time is an Illusion

75% of suncreens are toxic : what to do instead

Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center

Dr. Helen Caldicott : Fukushima

Fukushima Anniversary : Nuclear is the Road to Our Extinction

A history of mismanagement : nuclear facilities

US nuke weapons waste storage closed and hot

The uranium processing fiasco

Iran nuclear timeline ( scroll down )

U.S. has acted like a Rogue State towards Iran

Iraqi academics assassinated during U.S.-led Occupation

The Radical Right and Fascist Norms

Farm subsidies - to non farm organizations

Clues to the Roots of Hunger

Saturated fat is good for you

The Fat Switch ( Promotional video )

EnCognitive - Natural Health

UKIP is not an 'alternative'

Leadership Training : Baffle Them With Bullshit

Leading People with False InformationHow the War on Terror became a War on the Constitution

Idiopathic Disease

Mineral Depletion in Soil

Chagres River



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