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How did the cause of climate change become a political question?

How did the cause of climate change become a political question?

It did not become a political question. It is and always has been politically driven.

It a little involved, a lot of history to take into account, I’ll put it in bullet points, and suggest the terms to Google to learn more:

  • The Middle East has always had lots of oil.

  • There were 7 major oil companies that were extracting it, and giving the Middle East countries a pittance for the privilege. The price of oil was below $3 per barrel.

  • The Middle East countries said, “Hey WTF. It’s our oil, if we form a group, we could control the price of oil, extract it ourselves, and keep way more of the money!!”. So they formed the Arab-OPEC Oil Cartel.

  • They formed oil companies, took control of their oil fields, and became the world's masters of oil. A very necessary resource in all industrialized countries. They controlled 85% of the world’s oil production.

  • The Arab-OPEC cartel started jacking the price.

  • The US played a dirty trick. They went off the gold standard. No longer backing their currency with gold on demand. This meant their treasury could print billions extra to buy the oil at higher prices without too much impact on their economy.

  • This pissed off the Arabs. It meant they weren’t really getting as much for their oil. They jacked the price some more.

  • The Arab countries didn’t like Israel. And kept attacking them. The US, UK, Japan, Netherlands and Canada kept defending Israel. The Arab countries did not like that. They decided to give those countries less oil, and, of course, jack the price up even more.

  • The embargoes caused a gas shortage and an energy crisis.

  • OPEC ended the embargoes, jacked the price some more, and kept waving the threat of embargoes over the head of the countries that defended Israel.

  • The price of oil over the past ten years, had now risen from $3 per barrel. To a whopping $42 per barrel.

  • By 1977 the US was importing 16 million barrels per day, at $42 per barrel.

Jimmy Carter, the president, came up with a plan. The US Energy Independence Plan. It called for drastic conservation. Carter wanted to reduce OPEC imports from 16 million bbl per day down to 6 million.

National Energy Program Fact Sheet on the President's Program.

His plan called for investment in alternative energy technology development, and the implementation and embracing by the US public. Wind. Solar. Geothermal. Biofuels. And others.

His plan called for the installation of solar panels on 2.5 million homes.

It called for programs to encourage homeowners to increase energy efficiency. Better insulation, better windows and doors, replacement of old energy hog appliances.

It called for penalties on gas-guzzlers, credits for fuel-efficient cars, and credits for electric vehicles. (even though there were no electric vehicles in production).

It called for smart meters and time of use billing.

It called for new taxes on gas that would increase, unless national consumption decreased. Exactly like a carbon tax.

All of these things in his plan were for one reason, and one reason only. OPEC.

In Carter’s plan, he also innocently put a line that said, “the president will allocate $3 million to research whether there are any impacts on the atmosphere from CO2 emissions”.

In the same and in the following year, Carter bumped up the budget of the EPA by $4.7 billion dollars. A huge increase of 700%. Oddly their staff went up only 25%. Leaving a whole whack of extra cash to spend. Over $4 billion dollars per year, that was not to pay staff.

And then the climate alarm claims began. Global Cooling. Acid Rain. Ozone Hole. Global Warming. Sea Level Rise. Catastrophic Climate Change. Ocean Acidification. Coral Bleaching. Biodiversity Loss. Beepocalypse. Strawmageddon. Extreme Weather Events. Ice Cap Melt. Increased Flooding. Increased Droughts. Impending Global Famine. Basically every type of scare you could imagine. Insect born disease spread. Melting Permafrost Methane Release. Melting Permafrost Ancient Disease Release. Cow Methane Release.

You name it, they claim it.

It is very like the Story of Noah’s Ark, the Ten Plagues of Egypt, and the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse rolled into one story.

Climate change has always been a politically driven claim.


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