What is going on in Hong Kong protest?

 What  is going on in Hong Kong protest? I am from Mainland China. Our  government says it is a riot and protesters are trying to split Hong  Kong from the Mainland. I really doubt if the statement is true.

Him Shun Yu, lived in Hong KongAnswered Aug 13 

Basically, in short bullet point form:

  • Asshole kills girlfriend in Taiwan, makes it back to HK before Taiwanese authorities can catch him.
  • Asshole admits to crime after being arrested for credit card fraud.
  • HKSAR  Gov. can’t do anything to punish him for murder as the crime itself  wasn’t in HK. Crimes must be committed in HK to be persecuted under HK  basic law.
  • Solution: extradition bill. As Taiwan is part of  China per both the ROC and the PRC, Mainland China has to be included in  the bill.
  • Government tries to ram the bill through the Legco without consulting the Pan-Dems who can and did deadlock it.
  • Pan-Dems rally the people against it because of legitimate concerns about certain safeguard measures against the bill.
  • Massive protests, mostly peaceful, but some minor clashes with police.
  • More  protests. Could be called a riot at this point as some hot-headed  idiots do fight the police. Also a few cases of police being  heavy-handed.
  • Legco building stormed, looted and vandalized. Police don’t stop them to avoid being deemed heavy-handed.
  • Carrie  Lam announced bill is “dead”. Most protestors bugger off back to  regular life. But not a legal term so some protestors keep protesting  for her to completely withdraw the bill. (My opinion: completely  unreasonable, as we still have to deal with the original murdering  asshole)
  • More protests. Mostly young people with nothing to do.
  • Yuen Long station, local triads/villagers beat up random people. More outrage against pro-Beijing.
  • Even  more protests. Now it’s turning violent. Bricks, corrosive drain  cleaner, Motolov cocktails, spears are all being used. Definitely a  riot. Some idiot tried to make an IED too. Lasers being shone into  Police’s eyes which can blind them.
  • More protests.
  • Now as of the 13th of August. They recently occupied the airport for “international attention”.
  • Minor  persistent protestor elements have also continued rioting. Future is  uncertain. It’s pretty important to note a large number of those still  protesting right now are rioters, and vehemently anti-China. This  extends to some being the “FUCK CHINA LET’S SEPARATE” kind of idiots  who have little understanding of either the economy or geopolitics.  Thankfully they’re idiots with little power other than to harass old  men.

So in  even shorter form; what Mainland media is saying is, by and large, true,  if only overly simplified to condense a long and strange period of  time, except that most rioters are also separatists. A number of them  are, but I doubt it’s the overwhelming majority.


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