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Will China stop buying from the United States? : Quora

Mike Neville
Mike Neville, Been legally moving goods across borders for 4 decades

Will China stop buying oil from the United States?

The United States declared war on China. A trade war but still a war.

China takes war seriously.

As soon as China can line up a more reliable source of every single thing they buy from the USA, they will stop buying American goods and services.

You don’t have to be an economic or military genius to know you don’t buy from your enemy if you can help it.

While Trump wants to wrap all this up before the next American election China is planning how to screw Trumps great grand children.

Yes they will stop buying oil when they can. Just as they have cut all agriculture purchases, sea food, bourbon, pork.

They will also stop vacationing in the USA. Chinese tourism is (was) a 20 billion dollar industry. Do you think Disney land is full of Americans?

And when China has lined up new supply chains why would they switch back once the war is over? I worked all my life dealing with supply chains and international trade, I know how hard they are to set up properly. and I know how hard it is to make changes. Once you have a good supply line you don’t screw with it.

Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith, Council on Foreign Relations

I think China is just sick of Trump's stupid games. Its like someone in your restaurant complaining so much about their food you just tell them to get out. If you don't like my food, just leave.

China is the largest and fastest growing middle class in the world. 1.4B hungry people. US is a major agri food producer. But hardly the only one. Pretty stupid to cut yourself off from the biggest food customer in the world. Other food producers in other countries are now receiving record profits they can use to further expand their production.

The real stupidity is, USA should want a prosperous China, because it would buy more and pay more for US produce.

Otherwise who are we going to sell our produce to? South America? India? Middle East? Africa? They don't have China's prosperity, so the prices they will pay is much lower.

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