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Fossil fuels have little effect on CO2 in the air

Human CO 2 Emissions Have Little Effect on Atmospheric CO 2

Here is yet another falsification of the IPCC hypothesis about the effect of CO2 of anthropogenic origin on climate.

" Present human CO 2 inflow produces a balance level of about 18 ppm. Present natural CO 2 inflow produces a balance level of about 392 ppm. Human CO 2 is insignificant to the increase of CO 2 in the atmosphere. Increased natural CO 2 inflow has increased the level of CO 2 in the atmosphere."

GM  Ed Berry is also a PhD physicist so he knows how to do research and can think for himself. Presented an exceptional poster project at the last AMS convention. Dealt with disproving the IPCC assumptions regarding the atmospheric residence time of carbon dioxide using aymospheric nuclear testing era data comparing C12 and C14. Fascinating. Richard Lindzen of MIT has long argued that his research and modeling demonstrates that there is no ceiling to trap all the CO2 per the speculated greenhouse gas theory that nobody has been able to prove. In fact, a good amount of atmospheric CO2 escapes into space. Dr. Berry's research shows the same results (for any real scientists out there this is what we call reproducible results required per the scientific method!)

But unlike the computer gamer alarmists who refuse to share data, throw ad hominem attacts at anyone daring to disagree with them, and almost always ignoring Federal data quality standards which require inclusion of statistical margin of error estimates when publishing their alarmist reports--and those margins of error almost always includes the null hypothesis--they adamantly Refuse--especually Federal agencies such as NASA and NOAA! Why aren't Deep State politicized senior civilians (SES) being charged, prisecuted, and terminated with loss of retirements for abuses that are clearly politically motivated?

One more tidbit to chew on. If the greenhouse gas hypothesis applied to atmospheric CO2 is wrong (and the GHG related hot spot that should have been created about 10,000 meters above the tropics had never been found), how is CO2 triggering warming in the first place?

Under Henry's Law, as the oceans warm, CO2 outgassing is to be expected! So the heat has to exist before ocean water can warm to start driving CO2 out of solution. And the oceans contain 95% of the available CO2 in the earth's CO2 mass balance equation. And the geologic record clearly shows that global warming does, in fact, occur before CO2 levels start increasing. And the earth is currently in an interglacial warming period.

And, No, I'm not receiving big monthly checks from the big bad energy companies. I have a BS in geology, an MBA, and an ME in environmental engineering and worked for 46 years before recently retiring. BTW, In Virginia, Dominion Power already bought and paid for over two thirds of the General Assembly. Want a worthless but rediculously expensive new renewable project? Dominion Power will do it for them--but only at a sweetheart government deal that includes a very high profit guarantee!
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