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On organized activism promoting 'climate action'

Jul 7 · 11 min read

Current discourses surrounding the role of Extinction Rebellion in the British radical political scene tend either to focus on their effects on climate policy, the supposed success of their methods, the engagement of the youth and of people previously not deeply political, or tend to offer moral or technical criticisms of their relationship with the police and the security state. While this subject has been written about in those terms elsewhere, broader strategic alternatives are, with some exceptions, yet to emerge in force from the organisations that XR has come to compete with in the radical political scene. An assessment of the current disposition of the wider UK anticapitalist movement indicates that while the current forces available are largely ineffective, we do have a range of strategic options available to prioritize in the current circumstances.

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John Farnham

Mine will not be considered a helpful response. You wonder why it takes so much activity to impel people to ‘climate action.’ I can only speak for myself, but the reason is simple. I consider such action ill-advised to idiotic. This is quite different from apathy and verges on anger against those recommending futile and damaging action.

I don’t expect such an evaluation is welcome or considered sane or well-advised. At the same time I hold little regard for those who do not read the boilerplate behind the IPCC propaganda : it is functionally impossible to reliably project future climate conditions.

The only analysis I have ever seen on costs and benefits has been by Christopher Monckton, whose work might fairly be considered an incisive mockery by taking the propositions of CO2 change and applying them as if they were reasonable, rather than as fiction. Such a lack of consideration means it is impossible to positively assess the proposition for remedial action.

Tags: climate action, uncertain certainty
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