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Can Huawei reduce its reliance on U.S. components ?

Lance Chambers
Lance Chambers, former Senior Lecturer at Curtin University (1984-1988)

About a month ago China purchased a complete nano-circuit fabrication machine from Taiwan. This was a 4nm plant.

I can almost certainly guarantee that within 3 — 6 months China will have back-engineered this plant and will will be ready to deploy sub-4nm circuitry. Maybe 3.5 or 3nm or less?

When this, occurs China will be selling them at a lower price than the 4nm stuff they will replace existing circuits with which is the best that Foxcomm can achieve today and please do not forget that Foxcomm is considered to be the best of the best today. Tomorrow this little bit of the world will be dominated by China and l expect no other nation will come close to matching their capability for a long time.

Every time the US tries to slow China down by withholding tech from them, the Chinese knuckle down and find a way to get what they need to overcome the barriers in their way and to develop a far better product at a cheaper price than they might have been able to buy before America tried to slow them down or stop them. It is impossible to stop a nation that is determined to do better than they have in the past and dedicated to continue to improve. China does the IMPROVE bit while the US just sits around bad mouthing China and suggesting deals from which China gets no benefits whatsoever.

China will never accept monitoring from the US unless China is allowed to monitor the US with equal access and reporting permissions and, as we know, the US will never agree to that.

Tags: china-usa trade, huawei
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