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What does the United States need to do to, in order to stay ahead of China?

A better question is why do so many Americans believe they should 'beat' China let alone be the dominant driving force globally? Why does China have to lose in order for the US to win? What makes the US so exceptional that it deserves to dominate another country with far longer history, much richer culture, not to mention a vastly greater population?

The entire existence and history of the US is based on theft, slaughter, and exploitation which continues to this day. In fact, the rise to power and wealth creation of the entire white-anglo western world would not have been possible without the compass, paper, printing, and gun powder--all invented by the Chinese and appropriated by Europeans.

Yet despite all this power and wealth accumulated by western 'liberal democracies' — largely for their own gain, they have failed to properly distribute and share such wealth with less fortunate countries, choosing instead to hoard it all among themselves. The result is a huge chasm between rich and poor resulting in less than 20% global population consuming more than 80% of the natural resources and living a much higher standard of living than remaining 3/4 of the populace.

And despite all its achievements and innovations, the US has shown the rest of the world throughout its short history, that it is not an effective steward of global leadership and stability. Its policies and subsequent actions around the globe are mostly self serving and often at the expense/detriment of those it purports to help.

Furthermore, the US along with many developed European countries are plagued by government gridlock, high rates of crime, violence, and other socially dysfunctional behavior resulting in a culture of fear, incivility, and hostility among its citizens.

Is this really the type of leadership the world needs instead of China -- a country with over 1.4B people, where the government truly attempts to serve its citizens, where the Chinese people don't live in paranoia of violent crime, mass gun shootings, police brutality, and where women freely walk alone at night without fear of being harassed, attacked, or raped.

The Chinese, if anything, are highly practical people. They do not seek to dominate the world because they understand that is a zero-sum game that is not worth the cost. They desire cooperation not competition and prefer social harmony over unfettered, often selfish 'individual freedom.'

China’s goal is to use their new found wealth to lift other countries(eg Africa) out of poverty and increase the standard of living because they understand this will not only benefit China, but improve global stability.

The US leadership, along with many Americans cannot seem to tolerate that a non-white anglo country is showing the world that there may be an alternative, more effective form of governance that shares the wealth and promotes peace and prosperity around the globe instead of inciting militaristic actions for its own political/economic gains.

So with all this in mind, by what right does the US and many Americans, believe they’re entitled to ‘beat’ China?

Tags: china, foreign policy, usa
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