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Why do some people believe climate change doesn't exist ? Quora

I post so much content by others it's easy to forget I have my own ideas. Here's a sample.

Why do some people believe climate change doesn't exist?
John Farnham
John Farnham, former Various - anything from President to Custodian (1966-2016)

Wrong question.

Why do people act as if climate change doesn’t exist ?

The thing is this : temperature rises and falls every day by amounts that dwarf projections of warming. I recall during one winter chinook temperatures within Calgary city limits varied between by 40 degrees Celsius as per radio broadcast reports ! Records of temperatures in the past at given sites were made from different thermometers and recorded to the degree. Total variation during the past century is supposed to be on the order of 1 degree Celsius - close to the accuracy of old measurement.

Greenhouse effect is an odd idea. The world is not a greenhouse. If it were, they could not work. Calculations of static effects warming on a world with not only oceans but rain and snow and storms will not resemble observed effects. IOW there is no real world verification that ‘greenhouse gas’ effects have happened. It is proposed that the temperature of the planet would not be as high without it.

Except this effect does not happen in a vacuum - literally. Remember what I noted about chinooks ? They are a dynamic artifact of wind pushing past mountains and falling into a catchment bowl. Air pressure causes the heat, just as it does when you fill a tire with air. 14 psi at sea level is going to generate quite a bit of heat - and there will be less at higher elevations ( and more in mines - a terrible inconvenience for miners ).

We have ice at the poles - and are in a climate dominated by that fact.

If you look at global circulation models for air and water, the constant dynamic of change is evident. Change at the limits of verification is not a cause for alarm but for reassurance.

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