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It's not 'cool' to not vaccinate

It’s not “cool” to not vaccinate.

It’s dangerous.

And not in the way you think I mean.

Socially and professionally, it’s suicide.

It’s extremely unpopular. It makes even friends and family hate on you and verbally attack you, even disown you. Doctors refuse to see your children, or they’ll drop you from their practices. It makes an average person turn on you as if you’re trying to destroy the world.

The nicest of them think you’re an idiot, whether or not you’ve read all the research that the media doesn’t tell us about... all of the independent scientific and medical research confirming what the vaccines have done to harm your child.

If you’re a scientist, doctor, nurse, or even an expert in your field of research, who warns about the legitimate, well-documented risks associated with vaccines or acknowledges that healthy children can be severely harmed by them - you’re a quack. You’re a fraud. You lose funding for your research. You risk the threat of losing your license.

If you’re a lawyer, who defends families who have had children killed or harmed by vaccines, you risk being investigated and thrown in jail.

People call you a conspiracy theorist if you point out the FACT that vaccine manufacturers make billions of dollars from the sale of vaccines each year, that the FDA has been caught covering up fraud in clinical trials, and that the CDC’s own senior scientists have attempted to blow the whistle on the corruption in scientific research at the CDC, which has become the norm, due to industry interests.

It doesn’t matter that all the major vaccine manufacturers have been convicted of fraud in a court of law - for fabricating data, for bribing doctors, for knowingly selling products that will kill millions... go ahead. Just roll your eyes. We’re all conspiracy theorists.

NO ONE chooses to not vaccinate because, “it’s cool”.

NO ONE chooses to become an “anti-vaxxer” because, “it’s cool”.

Anyone who thinks this, is seriously lacking understanding of this issue and I question their ability to think for themselves.

Most of us don’t even have a choice in the matter.


VACCINES are what created the Anti-Vaccine movement, since the beginning.

When we vaccinate our children and witness them physically suffer, become seriously ill, or die...

...Do you think it’s a “choice” for us to refuse to inflict more harm upon them??

Do you think it’s a “choice” for us, to refuse to vaccinate a second child when our first child died from a vaccine??

Do you think we had a “choice” for our children to be unknowingly susceptible to vaccine injury?

Our children are our world.
When their lives or their health and quality of life have been stolen from them, we will do whatever we can to try to prevent it from happening again.


Now we have the medical system and our government teaming up to try to force all of these mother bears into a corner...

“Vaccinate, or else...”

- We won’t give your child life-saving medical treatment when they need it.
- Your child can’t go to school.
- We won’t let you take your children into public places.
- You can’t travel.
- We will take your children away from you.

^^^ All of this, has happened to parents who “choose” to not vaccinate, in this country.

We have lost children, family members, friends, been thoroughly ostracized and attacked by all of society, and had our rights taken away.

We have held steadfast to protecting our children, despite all of this... And you think we’re going to suddenly “choose” to allow our children to be harmed again?

...Do they really think we chose this for ourselves and our children?!

Do they think we will back down from this fight?

Do they think we don’t know how dangerous it is, to be pitted against the medical system, the industry, the government, and all the people who believe in vaccines and want to take away our rights..?

We are not going away.

The more they force vaccines, the more “anti-vaxxers” they will create.

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