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Climate Activism : working to destroy energy infrastructure

How this got to my Inbox I cannot say - but it sure was the wrong recipient. Thought I would note the bullshit aimed at destroying 'fossil fuel' infrastructure while advertising that as a necessity to 'fix climate' and hasten the trasition to a new economy....for which there is no established working model. Since I believe the climate caper is nonsense from start to finish and 'green energy' a sporadic and inefficient technology, you could say I am skeptical. I assure you that is a masterpiece of understatement. This garbage is war - literally.
Pushback is hard - and expensive

Dear John,
Last night, far right Conservative leader Jason Kenney won a resounding electoral victory in Alberta’s provincial election — dashing all hope that Alberta might become a partner in the movement to stop runaway climate change.
But like new growth sprouting in the aftermath of a blazing wildfire, there is a chance to take what happened last night and use it to build a better future.
In the aftermath of this emphatic swing to the right, Trudeau’s grand dreams of a Pan-Canadian Framework on Climate Change have come crashing down. With the Conservatives once again in power in Alberta, the idea of provinces working together to pass bold climate legislation seems even more than ever like an impossible pipe dream.
Now that Trudeau’s high stakes gamble – trading pipelines for a carbon tax – has fallen flat on its face, it’s time for the federal government to stop making excuses and move forward with meaningful climate ambition.
Tell Trudeau: It’s time to get serious about climate ambition. We’re calling on you to pass legislation to move Canada off fossil fuels and towards a zero carbon economy.
Mark my words: we can transform our entire society in the next 11 years and avert the worst impacts of climate change. But to do so we simply don’t have room to build a single new oil and gas megaproject. Not the Trans Mountain pipeline, not LNG or fracking projects, not the Teck Frontier mine. Nada, not one.
We also can’t keep giving away billions in subsidies to the oil and gas industry (that one’s a no brainer). Instead, it’s time to invest in a new clean economy by building renewable energy projects and electrifying our transportation infrastructure. By making these investments now, we can turn this crisis into an opportunity to create a more equal society where everyone has access to affordable clean energy.
Four years ago Rachel Notley swept to power in Alberta on a mandate to “take leadership on the issue of climate change” and build “a diversified 21st century economy that works for all Albertans.'' Her government promised to grow the economy in new directions by working to attract high tech jobs, wind and solar power, and at the same time protect workers from the boom and bust rollercoaster of the global oil market.
Albertans, who have never shied away from hard work, had clearly sent the message that they were ready to roll up their sleeves and start building a new future for their province. Instead, Notley threw all her energy into tactics she thought would win her a second term, doubling down her support for oil and gas. And with Jason Kenney’s election, any hopes of a new direction for Alberta’s economy have been well and truly squashed.
It’s time for the federal government to stop waiting for each and every province to get on board and do what leaders do: propose bold ideas and then bring them to life.

Send a message to Trudeau: it’s your responsibility to make Canada a climate leader by saying goodbye to fossil fuels and investing in the new economy, starting TODAY.
Building the massive societal transformation that we need to truly tackle climate change – while fighting against entrenched fossil fuel interests that want to move us backward – is a daunting task.
But it’s the kind of daunting task that Stand.earth was built to take on. Over the past decade, the Stand community, together with our allies, has stopped or delayed more than 20 dirty pipeline and oil train projects. We were built to shift whole industries towards renewables and stop dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure, and we’re not backing down now.
In solidarity,
Sven Biggs
Climate Campaigner

Stand challenges corporations, industries, and governments to prioritize the well-being of people, our environment, and our climate by creating long-term, effective solutions. None of this work is possible without your support.

Vancouver office: 151 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC, V6B1H4

On Unceded Territories of the Səl̓ílwətaʔ, xʷməθkwəy̓əm, and Skwxwú7mesh Nations

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