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Vaccine Avoidance

This is somebody else on FB I don't recall quoting before.

My father was a doctor & refused to vaccinate us for more than one polio shot. His brother was also a doc & same with his family. We were sent to each other's homes when we got a childhood illness to catch it & vice versa with his kids. Same with our school friends. That was the 1960s. Nobody ever died. I don't remember any sick kids. Nobody had autism, seizures, epilepsy, allergies, tics, depression, anxiety, eczema, etc., etc. There can be no herd immunity unless it's natural. In the 1940s it was considered that 68% was enough to have herd immunity. today it around 94% !!! They just make these figures up, as it's impossible to get herd immunity when artificially-generated (thru vaccines), that is why constant boosters are needed. Whereas wild illnesses produce lifetime immunity. The immune system is supposed to recognize antigens in the blood to make antibodies. But babies & small children don't have a working immune system until the age of about 3, so how can all the vaccines they're given up till that time produce antibodies ? Vaccines have never been clinically studied or had a controlled double-blind placebo study done. We're the guinea pigs. Have you researched the list of vaccine adjuvants (ingredients)? It's frightening. Furthermore, nobody gets more than one disease/illness at one time, but pharma companies feel that it's OK to give a small child Pertussis/Tetanus/Diptheria at one time or Mumps/Measles/Rubella at once. Now, 5 or more vaccines are given at once to a little child. N.b. there are many new names for old diseases to help protect the efficacy of vaccines: Acute Transverse Myelitis, Epstein Barr, Meningiococcal disease, Guillen Barré Syndrome. Vaccines adverse effects are also covered up by names such as SIDS, Tics, eczema, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, autism ), allergies, etc.
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