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Kids' Climate Strike - UN initiative

Turns out those student climate change strikes were not as spontaneous as our media is reporting (surprise surprise).

"Monsanto (manufacture of cancer inducing roundup) develops agricultural products to assist farmers in cultivating the land, but we know that in order to build a better future, the world will also benefit from cultivating responsible and motivated youth. Monsanto Cultivating Youth for a Better Future monsanto.com"

Student rising up for climate change by going on strike, whoo-who awesome let’s get behind that said many who sanely think we need to fight this good fight. And soon word spread on the school yard. It’s cool to be Green and if you don’t think that you can’t hang with the cool kids.

Um did any of us adults ever bother to find out where this 'spontaneous' movement actually sprang from? What would you think as a parent if I told you it was being fanned by some of the filthiest planetary vandals on the planet?

Will that is exactly what is happening. In 2015, an "independent" group of students invited students from around the world to skip school on the first day of COP 21, the UNFCCC Climate Conference.

This was called 'Climate Strike One' and was organised by the United Nation Global Youth Network whose sponsors for this very 'green' teen slumber party included water privatisation monsters Nestle their defacto subsidiaries Coca cola an Pepsi, Starbucks, Du Pont Chemicals, Anglo-American tobacco, BHP Billiton, Shell Oil, Rio Tinto Monsanto and it parent Bayer just to name a few of its partners from a long list of corporate scum-baggery.

It also included Autodesk, a Canadian smart technology giant recently purchased by TPPA member Singapore state owned Surbana Jurong, China's economic expansion partner in The Beltway Roads who last month (as NZ wakes up to reality of water privatisation that the NZ ratification of the TPPA has brought upon us), brought Snowy Mountain Hydro Engineering ltd. The latter is the brain of Australia's Snowy Hydro Scheme which in turn is the absolute soul of Australia’s water strategy for the next century. This is all being marketed under the auspice of the United Nation’s corporate dominated climate strategy known as Agenda 2030.

Finance for the Surbana Jurong spending spree came from the China's International Construction Bank whose directors in New Zealand included Jenny Shipley famed of the Mainzeal rort, Oriva (Food & Water) and is Vice President of the Club of Madrid who also promote the 17 goals of Agenda 2030 and the goals of its “partners”, Nestles, Cocal Cola, Monsanto its parent firm Bayer.

Then there were the COP21 speakers; Tim Grosser, an economic hitman, who as senior Foreign Affairs bureaucrat helped to pass the TPPA under both Clark and Key.
It was Metiria Turia who first called the TPPA a "Magana Carta for Corporations" that delivered absolute power (Dunedin 22/5/2015). A statement made shortly before she fell/was pushed on her sword during last election and was replaced by James Shaw co leader of the Greens. Shaw incidentally is a former consultant to Bayer (Monsanto parent firm), the Hong Kong Shang Hai Bank of China and Price Water House Cooper (PWHC).

PWHC told New Zealand government if it signed the Kyoto Protocal in 2002 it would make $3 billion a year. Only to tell us after we ratified the treaty that no New Zealand would lose $3billion. PWHC had made a $6 billion, per annum, gaff it simply called an "accounting error". Other speakers at COP21 Sean Kidney Climate bonds, Wayne Sharpe Carbon Trade Exchange and Carl Pendragon of Carbon Wealth.

Yes the Agenda 2030 corporate controlled version of global environmental being sold our kids is not so much a benevolent Spock and Kirk spouting one planetary live long and groovey baby but rather a case of corporate Klingons chanting "nachDaq yInISQo' qoH chev pong Qot" (only a fool lets his head be separated by lies) who are pushing a predatory form of fake environmentalism, via sophisticated marketing aimed at the youth market, that ultimately will deliver the very opposite results of it carefully crafted propaganda.

Hopefully our kids are smarter than the many adults who formed opinions without doing their homework first. One more reason to stay in school kids.

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