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What would 'honest reporting' look like ?

Mainstream Media Is Literally Making People Sick

January 23, 2019 at 8:18 pm

The “tyrannical government” has already arrived! Many of us don’t know that yet. It began with an assassination in Dallas TX in 1963, and virtually finalized with the lies and deceptions that produced the inside job we call 9/11!!

More about this:

Add to this how the “war on drugs” is really a war WITH drugs!

As reporter Gary Webb exposed how druga were funneled into US cities, mostly communities of color, that it is a documented fact the CIA is into drug trafficking.

And in US permanent war “foreign policy” we send our troops to Afghanistan. Why are they there? Partly to guard and protect Afghanistan’s poppy fields which feeds into the CIA’s opiate trade that, in turn, feeds into the drug infestation in America!

That is noted from the following prior report:

We’re the current “Evil Empire” of the world, imposing a foreign policy based on lies and deceptions that got us into Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, etc.

As with Pearl Harbor, we deliberately provoke targeted “enemies” into war with sanctions to force them into conflict, then blame THEM as the aggressor nation!

We are STILL in Afghanistan to guard their poppy fields for CIA drug trafficking!

ISIS is a US creation used and supported as a CIA asset.

We object to the costs of Social Security and cut veterans benefits while we spend TRILLIONS on wars against countries who have never attacked us! And they are countries mostly populated by Muslim and brown people.

We rain bombs on them, including weddings, hospitals, women and children — while we gripe and moan about the refugee crises these wars cause!

The USA is the world’s largest arms dealers! Permanent war is US foreign policy! Why? War is profitable! All wars are bankers’ wars!

The “deep state” OWNS Congress and our corrupt government for voting to continue funding trillions of dollars for “permanent war,” not peace!

The CIA controls the mainstream media. Example: Jeff Bezos who owns The Washington Post, has a $600 million CIA contract through Amazon, which he also owns.

The US military industrial complex “invents” new “enemies” to provoke into conflict, and war, as it sees fit to profit from! Osama bin Laden has been dead since Dec 2001, but the US propaganda machine kept him conveniently “alive” for war-on-terror scare propaganda. Bin Laden was on CIA payroll as a CIA asset during the former Soviet Union’s failed invasion of Afghanistan.

Then our government invented a new 9/11 “mastermind,” Sheik Muhammad, who we waterboarded 183 times, then followed by a federal judge blaming Iran for 9/11.

If average Americans are troubled by all this confusion and contradictions, it’s deliberate and by design! That’s how our terribly flawed US “foreign policy” works. To keep the American public in constant disruption while we occupy and exploit resouces for US control and ownership. Our presence in Africa (AFRICOM) is a prime example.

So is this: the USA has more people in prison than any other country in the world. Keeping people locked up is PROFITABLE.

That’s how the privatized prison industrial complex works, all of which has corrupted our entire “justice” system.

And most prisoners people of color on drug-related convictions — a result of the profiteering from those Afghan poppy fields our military is sent to protect for CIA trafficking that’s feeding into the opiate drug infestation of predominently black communities in American cities

Yep, quite a world we’re corrupting!!

Tags: misdirection, narrative, war propaganda
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