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Why did the British finally lose the 1812 war against the United States?

Henry Whittaker
Henry Whittaker, former Education Manager

The person posing this question appears to be an American….& so would the responders who make the tenuous argument about the 1812 war being a draw or some great moral victory.

No. Not then. Not now. Not ever. Wishful thinking.

Britain had no policy of reconquest of a troublesome, rebellious & murderous bunch of colonists. On the contrary GB was furthering its gains & focus in India which was far more financially rewarding (though not for the Indians).

We all know GB was focused on fighting France in what was truely the world’s first recorded global conflict. The USA never faced GB’s most capable general, the Duke of Wellington. Britain was maintaining an army of regulars in Spain, India and Regiment sized garrisons across all of its colonies around the world. The USA never faced a European sized British army.

The USA never faced the most capable of the RN’s Admiral’s - the late Lord Nelson (d.1805). So the USA was fighting an under strength & second rate leadership team.

The USA DID win a number of important defensive battles but lost every offensive they attempted. The USA thought it could count on the Canadian settlers to rise against their British ‘oppressor’, but were sadly deluded by the fact that many Canadians had fled to Canada to escape the Revolutionaries to remain British. Hence the Canadians were all too happy to see-off those dreaded Americans to the south.

So the war of 1812 was fought on the USA’s ‘own turf’, on the field of its own choosing, on the issues it described. The invader was repelled by a smaller army which had the advantage of free movement of the seas. That the British did very well.

Why did the borders remain the same ???? Simple - why set the pretext for the next war (of revenge)? Smart thinking on the part of Britain who didn’t declare war & wasn’t seeking more territory in Nth America in 1812 in the first place.

As for America’s self esteem issues? They started a war with one of the biggest gorillas on the beach & except for a couple of battles at the end they lost embarrassingly. When 1814 came around, France was defeated & Britain had no longer the need to pursue its war policies hence they could stop blockading American ports. So Americans think that somehow this was their achievement when it was Britain who had finished stomping on them.


The USA lost badly & Americans are taught a pack of lies about it. They’re too obnoxious to think rationally that they were well beaten & ‘had’ on their own turf. It was No second war of independence. It was American Adventurism badly miscalculated & what have they learnt in 200 years ?????

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