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Remember SOPA / PIPA? The bill’s sponsors said it was about stopping online piracy, but everyone knew it was really about censorship.
Now, Congress is at it again. They’re holding a hearing today, and rushing toward a vote on a bill called SESTA, the absurdly named “Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act,” but once again, this bill has nothing to do with stopping sex trafficking. Instead it would decimate online communities like Wikipedia and Reddit, and enable widespread Internet censorship. [1]
URGENT: Congress is holding a hearing on SESTA today. Tell your lawmakers to oppose this dangerous Internet censorship bill.
SESTA would weaken CDA Section 230, which is one of the basic free speech protections that has allowed the Internet to grow into what it is today. [2]
Section 230 is what makes it possible for web services to allow user-generated content. It protects them from massive liability by ensuring that online services can’t be sued out of existence because someone uses their platform improperly.
Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why should we care whether Internet companies are protected from liability? Here’s why: without this basic rule, social media as we know it would not exist, and neither would online video sharing communities, discussion forums, or even the comments sections on news sites.
Under the current law, websites like these can allow users like us to engage in free expression because they are not liable for the things we post, as long as they comply with the law and take down abusive or illegal content when it’s flagged.
But if SESTA passes, that freedom ends. Startups and small businesses who don’t have money for lawyers and endless legal fees would likely be forced to shut down completely, and big web companies like Facebook and Twitter would likely automatically censor anything they’re even slightly worried might get them sued: whether it’s a politically charged comment, a provocative video, or meme that they deem to be “risky.”
Tell your Senators and Representatives to vote NO on SESTA!
The worst part of all this? SESTA could actually make sex trafficking easier, not harder, and put sex workers in more danger. [3]
By gutting the “Good Samaritan” provision within Section 230, it would actually *discourage* web companies from having good moderation and community guidelines, by exposing them to massive criminal liability if they make a mistake or miss a post that should have been taken down. [4]
SESTA is a very real threat to the future of free expression on the Internet, and it’s moving fast. The bill has bipartisan support and has already picked up two dozen sponsors.
Many members of Congress will jump at the chance to attach their names to a bill that they think is about ending sex trafficking. If the Internet doesn’t speak out now and make sure lawmakers and the public understand what this bill would really do, it will almost certainly pass.
Add your name! Tell Congress that SESTA won’t stop sex trafficking, but it will crush free speech and the Internet economy.
User-generated content is what makes the Internet ... the Internet. All the memes, gifs, video explainers, forum posts, reviews, music, humor, creativity and information that makes the web so powerful, fun, and good for society.
If SESTA passes, we could lose the best parts of the Internet, forever.
We’ve defeated bad legislation like this before. If enough of us contact our legislators right now, we can still defeat this, but time is short. Please take action, and forward this email to everyone you know.
For the Internet,
-Evan at FFTF
[1] https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2017/08/internet-censorship-bill-would-spell-disaster-speech-and-innovation
[2] https://www.eff.org/issues/cda230
[3] http://www.new.swopusa.org/2017/08/11/call-to-actionpress-release-swop-usa-stands-in-direct-opposition-of-disguised-internet-censorship-bill-sesta-s-1963-call-your-state-representatives-and-tell-them-to-fight/
[4] http://blog.ericgoldman.org/archives/2017/07/senates-stop-enabling-sex-traffickers-act-of-2017-and-section-230s-imminent-evisceration.htm

Fight for the Future - Network Neutrality

I have an important update on where we’re at in the fight to save net neutrality.
The FCC is continuing to rush forward with its plan to rip up the legal foundation for net neutrality, which keeps the Internet free from censorship, throttling, and extra fees. [1] Meanwhile, companies like Verizon and AT&T are pouring millions into lobbying Congress to pass a law that would that would make that permanent.
So Congress is key. They have the oversight authority to stop the FCC from gutting these protections, and they can vote down bad legislation backed by the ISPs.
Right now, telecom lobbyists are hitting the hill constantly to exert their influence and bombard lawmakers with misinformation. The best way to counter this corruption is for ordinary Internet users to meet directly with their members of Congress to tell them our stories about how the free and open Internet affects our lives, and our livelihoods.
We’re organizing an unprecedented effort to coordinate meetings directly between net neutrality supporters and their members of Congress. Will you be part of it?
Yes! I can come to DC to meet with lawmakers.
Sorry, I can’t go, but I can donate to cover travel costs for someone who can!
Here’s the plan: on September 26 and 27, Internet users from across the country will descend on Washington, DC to make sure that lawmakers hear from the public, not just lobbyists.
Everyone who comes will join a training on how to effectively meet with their lawmakers and help them understand net neutrality. Then, you’ll be paired with a guide who can show you where to go on Capitol Hill to meet directly with your senator or representatives.
We’re crowdfunding to help cover travel costs and lodging for those who need it, and net neutrality supporters who can’t make it to DC can participate locally by meeting with Congressional staff in their area.
Meeting directly with your lawmaker is the single most effective thing you can do to help defend net neutrality and keep the Internet open for freedom of expression and creativity. Can you be part of history and come to DC?
Yes! I can go to DC September 26 - 27!
No, I can’t go, but I’ll chip in toward travel costs for someone who can!
Constituents telling our real stories about how net neutrality affects small businesses, libraries, schools, entrepreneurs, activists, students, artists, and ordinary Internet users is the best way to directly influence our lawmakers.
We know it’s a lot to ask, but if this issue matters to you deeply, really consider it. The future of the Internet as we know it is at stake.
Here’s the link to learn more: https://www.battleforthenet.com/dc
You can reply to this email if you have questions or thoughts. Thanks so much for all that you do.
For the Internet,
-Evan at FFTF

Fight for the Future works to protect your rights in the digital age.
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• Donate $3 to keep us going

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November 18, 2016

@Che Pasa: The best way to (stop or reverse population growth) is to raise overall living standards and to provide women with the tools and tactics to control their own reproduction.

On this we agree. I have said this before, in many different places.

But I only got to this part (or the part about moving to New Mexico, which is awesome, because beautiful state!) because I like to see what different people think, even those I don’t take seriously (on this, I agree w/Mark from Ireland’s comment above). And I’m not taking you seriously anymore.

Because the following statement is just garbage, and I’ve gotten so sick of people throwing either gross delusion or deliberate lies like this around that I’m done giving them extra chances once they say it:

It’s ALWAYS about “those people” (brown and black) breeding “too much,” never is it about white folks hogging too many resources and polluting with abandon.

I’ve seen a LOT of people talk about this in recent years, almost all of them on the left and almost none of them in the slightest racist; pretty much all of them want fewer people *period* and don’t care where the fewer people come from.

We do need to work on both, population and resource consumption, and again, I haven’t seen anyone saying we’re overpopulated or in danger of being overpopulated even suggest that we aren’t also overconsuming our resources.

Nothing about “those people” is in the text, the subtext, or has anything to do with the text, nor is such reasonably inferrable.

I’ve also seen a LOT of people on the left make the same assertion that you just did, in complete ignorance and/or delusional blindness to the world around them. I’m sorry, but if you think we don’t have too many people in the world and efforts to slow down population growth are due to evil white racism, then you are just as much as threat to the world’s continued existence as the dumbasses who wanted a contained war with Russia.

At this point, I’m done giving a good faith benefit of the doubt to people who make statements like yours. You know it’s not what anyone was even contemplating in this thread so bringing it up is either some sort of pointless virtue signalling or an effort to distract from the issue .

Either you haven’t investigated this issue at all or you are too blind to look around if you think 7 billion is working out reasonably well. We are using up the planet’s resources at an unsustainable rate.Species are going extinct everywhere from a multiplicity of causes. I happen to like all the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the beasts of the land and all the little fishies in the deep blue see, and I would like to see the lot of them survive. Even if you are the sort of scumbag (and I’m not saying you are, but there are plenty such) who just cares about humans, it’s kind of unpredictable what the decimation of our food change and the entire web of our ecosystem will do to our continued survival.

November 18, 2016

@M. Wolf

I appreciate your dispute with my point of view, thanks. Views do differ on these matters. However, I can only guess you didn’t read, say, Hugh’s post above. Here let me quote it for you:

It is interesting that while we do not seem to have any climate change deniers here, we have been visited by overpopulation deniers. If you go to the international data at the US Census, you might find, for example, that a country like Nigeria had a population of 32 million in 1950 and is expected to have a population of 391 million in 2050. Or that Uganda over this same timeframe will go from 5.5 million to 93.5 million. Or that Mexico will go from 28.5 million to 150.5 million. You can assemble the data by country, region, and continent and its message is always the same: Uncontrolled and unsustainable growth.

Notice, every one of his cited countries is populated largely by black or brown folks. Limiting discussion to the failure of black/brown people to control their population is extremely common among those who freak out about overpopulation, and if you’re not aware of it, I can’t take you seriously.

It’s simply false that “those people” are doing nothing to control population growth, and the fact is if the living standards in those and many other countries were raised sufficiently, population growth would decline. But various factors, including the extractions of the IMF and global capitalists, civil wars often engineered and conducted by mercenaries for profit, and endemic corruption among others ensure that living standards for the masses cannot rise sufficiently or at all.

Yet typically it is all on them to reduce their population because there are just too, too many of them.

So tell me, Wolf, how do you want them to do this? What exactly do you think they should do? And how quickly?

The “natural carrying capacity” argument has to do with maximum population likely without the availability of advanced technology. V. Arnold may well see it differently, but that’s the foundation of the argument I’ve seen for decades.

It’s too bad if your feelings were hurt. If you spent even a moment considering how those who are being told over and over again that there are too many of themsomething they’ve been hearing for centuries, you’d understand why they think those who say so are full of crap.

Even older Talk to Action Notes

I had been experiencing difficulty logging into my old Operamail account, and had fallen far behind on notes from that source. Not to mention I just got sick of throwing away excess activity.

Dec 29  - 16 Christmas Broadcasting Traditions By Frederick Clarkson, 2016-12-21 06:20:02
 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: Taking Action -->
It is time to once again note the preposterous-but-malevolent claims that
there is a War on Christmas.   The annual revival of this repulsive
anti-Semitic tradition begun by Henry Ford is carried forward today
primarily by the Christian Right and the dour propagandists at Fox News.  
   But fortunately, even these provocateurs cannot not drown out authentic
and beautiful celebrations of those who seek to honor and enjoy Christmas
in all of its dimensions. 


----Steve Bannon: Alt-Right Anti-Catholic or Political Opportunist? By Frank Cocozzelli, 2016-12-18 13:37:26 
 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: Hate Speech ? -->
In March 2016 Trump campaign strategist and CEO Steve Bannon made a
comment that could be construed as being blatantly anti-Catholic. He
accused the Catholic Church of supporting immigrant rights in order to pad
the number of their American following. And as expected several Catholic
spokesmen seized on the remarks, attacking Bannon as a bigot.  And while
this criticism may well be warranted, it overlooks a more ominous
dimension of Bannon's character. He will say anything in the blind pursuit
of political power. &nbsp;   


Dec 17  - 16   Terms, Definitions & Glossaries for Writing about the Religious Right By Frederick Clarkson, 2016-12-15 17:16:19 

 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: Taking Action -->
One of the challenges in writing about the Religious Right and what to do
about it is the matter of terms and definitions.  That's why I revise and
update this post from time-to-time    From the earliest days
[http://www.talk2action.org/story/2006/1/19/235149/867] of Talk to Action,
we have written about how unfair labels and terms of demonization are not
only inaccurate and opposed to basic standards of scholarship and
journalism -- but conflict with the basic values of all people of good
will. (They tend to be politically counterproductive as well.) The
purpose of this post is not to go over all that again, but simply to
highlight some useful resources on basic definitions and usage for those
who are interested in trying to get it right. 


Dec 4 - 16   How The Election of Trump Made My Life Easier By wilkyjr, 2016-12-01 03:30:29 

 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: Demonizing 'secularism' -->
I might be one of a select few who didn't vote for Donald but would have
to say Trump's election made my life easier...I might even stretch it and
use the word "better." &nbsp; I gleaned this idea from a local leader of
the Democratic Party. &nbsp;He is well versed on politics and media,
having been in the industry. &nbsp;He is now a &nbsp;retail owner and
dared not place a Hillary sign in front of his place of business. &nbsp;He
knew it would cost him customers. 


----The Bakke Plot To &quot;Infiltrate&quot; Secular Institutions  By Bruce Wilson, 2016-11-30 11:38:00 
 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: All Topics -->
Back in 2012-2014 I did a lot of writing and research on The Gathering
[http://www.twocare.org/the-gathering-the-religious-rights-cash-cow/], the
yearly meeting of elite evangelical right philanthropists who collectively
distribute upwards of $1 billion dollars a year in grants and function as
the funding wing of The Fellowship, which hosts the National Prayer
Breakfast.     My research was based, at least initially, on an audio
archive of talks at The Gathering which went back to 1996. That archive,
along with a trove of The Gathering newsletters back to '96, used to be
publicly available at the official website of The Gathering. Around 2013
or so, most of that archival material vanished. Fortunately, I had
harvested it and have since made it available to select researchers. 


----The Term &quot;Alt-Right&quot; is All Right By Frederick Clarkson, 2016-11-28 21:16:47 
 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: Taking Action -->
There is a misguided effort underway to not use the term "alt-right."
&nbsp;The effort, currently led by the Center for American Progress
vqexamt], claims that using the term somehow helps provide PR cover for
racists. &nbsp;It would be nice, but there is rarely a one word solution
for anything. That's why this campaign is a non-starter that will be
ignored by almost everyone. This major report
ating-trumps-win-w452493] on the Alt-Right and its founder, by Sarah
Posner in Rolling Stone is a good example of just how ignored this
campaign will be. &nbsp;Sensible discussions of the term are busting out
all over. &nbsp;Slate had a good discussion
ll_right.html] titled "There's No Better Term for the Alt-Right Than
Alt-Right." &nbsp;Another approach
-fight.html?m=1] was outlined by scholar Matthew Lyons, (Co author with
Chip Berlet of the book Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for
comfort-9781572305625/1-5], which has turned out to be an important
scholarly handbook for our time). Lyons writes:   We are moving into a
bleak period, when understanding the forces opposing us will be more
important than ever. That means exposing supremacist ideologies in all
forms and guises, but it also means developing a political vocabulary that
lets us make distinctions, rather than treat all enemies as one
undifferentiated mass. In light of the controversy, the Associated Press
has updated their Stylebook. &nbsp;  &nbsp; &nbsp;"Our guidance on when
and how to use the term "alt-right," including: avoid using it generically
and without definition." &nbsp;  This is, of course true of all such
terms. Never use them generically, and always define them so the reader
can understand what the writer actually intends. &nbsp;This is one of the
reasons why at Talk to Action we have sought to avoid labeling and
demonization. &nbsp;  


Nov 20 - 16   -Did God Engineer Trump's Win? By Rob Boston, 2016-11-14 10:30:40 

 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: All Topics -->
Political analysts have postulated a number of theories to explain the
victory of Donald J. Trump in the presidential election: Hillary Clinton
failed to energize the Democratic base, Trump tapped into a vein of hidden
supporters, angry Rust Belt voters rose up, etc.But some activists in the
Religious Right have their own explanation: It was divine intervention. 


----Some thoughts for a Sunday post-election reflection: By Chip Berlet, 2016-11-13 17:33:20 
 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: Political Strategy -->
Emancipation, Reconstruction, Redemption, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow The
struggles of the Civil Rights Movement took us two steps forward Now the
"Second Redemption" yanks us back Racism, White nationalism, misogyny,
heteropatriarchy, xenophobia, militarism, authoritarianism, neofascism,


Nov 14 - 16   Some thoughts for a Sunday post-election reflection: By Chip Berlet, 2016-11-13 12:57:27 

 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: All Topics -->
Emancipation, Reconstruction, Redemption, the Ku Klux Klan,  Jim Crow  The
struggles of the Civil Rights Movement took us two steps forward  Now the
"Second Redemption" yanks us back  Racism, White nationalism, misogyny,
heteropatriarchy, xenophobia, militarism, authoritarianism, neofascism,


----Election 2016 is a win/win for the Christian Right By Frederick Clarkson, 2016-11-08 23:08:53 
 <--  Section: Dominionism in the military, Topic: All Topics -->
I was interviewed by the Free Speech Radio Network on Tuesday, election
day.  Here is the transcript
&nbsp; &nbsp; After more than a year and a half of presidential
campaigning, Election Day has finally arrived in the U.S. &nbsp;With the
popular vote looking much closer than projections for the electoral
college spread, the divisiveness and acrimony has highlighted deep social
and political rifts in the country. Some say the outcome will benefit the
Christian Right -- irrespective of who wins the White House. &nbsp;FSRN's
Shannon Young spoke with Frederick Clarkson, Senior Fellow at Political
Research Associates [http://www.politicalresearch.org/] a progressive,
social justice think tank in Somerville, Massachusetts. Download Audio
&nbsp; &nbsp; Shannon Young: Frederick Clarkson, you've said that the 2016
election will be a win/win for the Christian Right. Explain what you mean
by that. &nbsp; &nbsp; Frederick Clarkson: If the Trump-Pence ticket wins,
they will be viewed as kingmakers because polling has shown that
conservative evangelicals have been his most loyal base of support, much
to many people's surprise. And, of course, Mike Pence is by far the most
conservative Christian leader we've had as part of a national ticket,
ever. &nbsp; &nbsp; But if they lose, they go into resistance mode, which
is where they are very strong. They can really rally against Hillary
Clinton and build their movement - engaging in fundraising - in much they
way that they did during the previous Clinton's administration. And I
think that we'll probably see a strong rise in armed militia movements and
other extreme expressions, as well. So, for a social movement on the scale
and virulence of the Christian Right, it's a win-win day. 


----On The Ridiculous Charge Of Clinton Anti-Catholicism By Frank Cocozzelli, 2016-11-07 13:06:35 
 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: Democratic Party -->
Julian Assange has been busy lately trying to sabotage Democratic nominee
Hillary Clinton's run for the Presidency. As part of his vendetta, he has
released a series of hacked e-mails, one of which was highlighted with the
apparent intent of suppressing Catholic support for the Democratic
nominee. &nbsp;But by any reasonable standard, it would take some
interpretations of convenience to make it so.  


Nov 6 - 16   From Russia Without Love By Frederick Clarkson, 2016-10-31 21:18:26 

 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: Analysis of Christian Right -->
It was less than two years ago but it now seems like a lifetime ago that
I wrote about how Russia appeared to be encouraging secessionist groups in
the United State.    In light events of the past few months, it seems
worth reprising part of my story -- adapted from the blog of Political
Research Associates
cs-of-secession-nullification-and-marriage-equality/].   Groups and
individuals involved in the wider movements of the Christian Right and
contemporary libertarianism, have   advocated
s-and-the-revenge-of-the-old-right/] varying degrees of nullification and
secession; and have envisioned
nce/] varying degrees of political tension, violence and civil war.  None
other than former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) spoke
sion-is.html] at a gathering in January 2015 at the Mises Institute, in
Auburn, Alabama, called “Breaking Away: The Case for Secession”.    “I
would like to start off,” Paul declared, “by talking about the subject and
the subject is secession and, uh, nullification, the breaking up of
government, and the good news is it’s gonna happen.  It’s happening.” 
While its not clear how far along Ron Paul’s vision may be, one of those
who is seeking to put boots n the ground is Michael Hill, head of the
theocratic and White supremacist Alabama-based League of the South. 


Oct 23 - 16   Northwest Arkansas, A Hotbed for Anti-Semitism By wilkyjr, 2016-10-19 14:05:52 

 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: anti-semitism -->
Three organizations in Northwest Arkansas are deeply interwoven into the
most rabid Anti-Semitic teachings in the nation. &nbsp;Gerald Smith,
buried at the base of the statue of Jesus of the Ozarks, founded the
Passion Play in Eureka Springs. &nbsp;Smith ran for President under the
platform of "We got to do something about the Jews." &nbsp;Harrison,
Arkansas is the headquarters for a Christian Identity group who teaches
Jews are really descendants of Satan copulating with Eve in the garden. 


----Joseph Cella is Back - Taking the Opposite Tack from Pope Francis By Frank Cocozzelli, 2016-10-19 08:38:01 
 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: Religious Culture -->
Joseph J. Cella has had a change of heart since he joined with those
conservative Catholic activists who signed a declaration during the
Republican primary season, urging Catholic voters not to nominate Donald


Old Talk to Action Notes

April 16 This is the Weekly digest for Talk To Action [http://www.talk2action.org].
-Gimme That Old Time Dominionism Denial By Frederick Clarkson, 2017-04-15 23:04:08 
 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: Reconstruction & Dominion -->
Over the years, I have written a great deal here
the_Low_Down_on_Dominionism] &nbsp;and in other venues about the
explicitly theocratic movement called dominionism
ic-movement-hiding-in-plain-sight/#sthash.RqhNeHnH.dpbs] -- which has been
an ideological catalyst for the contemporary Christian Right.  That is one
of the reasons why I am looking forward to reading the new book by
Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Frances FitzGerald, The Evangelicals:
The Struggle to Shape America.
The+Evangelicals%3A+The+Struggle+to+Shape+America] &nbsp;The book has
received mixed reviews according to a discussion of those reviews by
Richard Ostling, a retired writer for the evangelical magazine,
Christianity Today. &nbsp; But in her new book, FitzGerald apparently
discusses the theocratic dominionism of the late R.J. Rushdoony and the
influential Christian Reconstructionist movement he led. &nbsp;  This has
apparently alarmed Ostling. &nbsp; &nbsp;   


----History Advisor to Members of Congress Completely Twists Jefferson's Words to Support Muslim Ban By Chris Rodda, 2017-04-10 14:43:46 
 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: History -->
Pseudo-historian David Barton, best known for his misquoting of our
country's founders to promote the notion that America was founded as a
Christian nation, also has a habit of telling some pretty tall tales about
his own life. There was his claim of being a college basketball star
record-setting-basketball-team-in-college/], his claim of having been a
translator for the Russian women's national gymnastics team
to-soviet-union/], and most recently his claim of having an earned
]. But while most of Barton's bio-embellishing claims have either been
proven to be false or are so far-fetched that they are just impossible to
believe, there is one that is unfortunately all too true - that he advises
many members of Congress on historical subjects. This isn't just another
bogus claim made up by Barton to exaggerate his achievements and impress
his audience. It has been repeatedly confirmed by members of Congress who
have praised Barton by proclaiming that he is their go-to guy when they
need historical examples to use in their arguments on current issues and
legislation. So, who are these members of Congress who run to David Barton
when they need historical "facts" to justify their political agenda and
legislation? Well, they are almost exclusively members of something called
the Congressional Prayer Caucus, a House caucus founded in 2005 by former
congressman Randy Forbes, with the help of David Barton -- a caucus whose
numbers have ranged from ninety to well over a hundred members since its


Jan 29   The Legacy of George Wallace By wilkyjr, 2017-01-23 12:20:51 

 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: Analysis of Christian Right -->
"One need not accept any of those views to agree that they had appealed to
real concerns of real people, not to mindless, unreasoning fears, racial
or otherwise. &nbsp;And though many of those concerns once had been
arrogantly or ignorantly dismissed as mere racial `code words,'
&nbsp;every president from Nixon to Clinton based his successful campaign
on some key elements from the Wallace political cannon." &nbsp;Author
Stephen Lesher, George Wallace Biographer. 


----Betsy DeVos's Mudsill View of Public Education By Frank Cocozzelli, 2017-01-22 13:46:41 
 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: Education and Public Schools -->
My Talk to Action colleague Rachel Tabachnick has been doing yeoman's work
in explaining Betsy DeVos's long-term strategy for decimating universal
public education. If you haven't I strongly urge you to read her work,
here [http://www.talk2action.org/story/2011/5/16/123025/506], here
[http://www.talk2action.org/story/2015/5/15/142833/421], and here
[http://www.talk2action.org/story/2014/1/23/101927/165]. DeVos, President
Trump's choice for Secretary of the Department of Education, is not there
to strengthen that governmental agency but essentially, to destroy it.
Indeed, her motives have been clear for a long time. DeVos's family
related philanthropies are longtime funders of Christian Right projects,
particularly in the area of school privatization. Politico reports
n-232150] that DeVos has said her work in education is intended to
"advance God's kingdom." &nbsp; 


Jan 14    Prince and DeVos Families at Intersection of Radical Free Market Privatizers and Religious Right By Rachel Tabachnick, 2017-01-09 22:41:20 

 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: All Topics -->
This post from 2011 surfaces important information about President-Elect
Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. -- FC       Erik
Prince, Brother of Betsy DeVos, Building Mercenary Army in UAE  The
Prince and DeVos families are at the intersection of radical free market
privatization and the Religious Right, and have made an enormous impact on
the current political atmosphere. &nbsp;Erik Prince played a significant
role in privatizing military functions while his older sister Betsy is at
the helm of a movement to privatize public schools. The billionaire
brother/sister duo are also vice presidents of their parents' foundation
which is one of the major funders of Focus on Family and Family Research
Council and an array of missionary organizations and right-wing think

Jan1    --Dallas and its Historic Connection to the Religious Right By wilkyjr, 2016-12-30 15:02:35 

 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: Analysis of Christian Right -->
There has been a recent rash of demonstrations outside of the famous First
Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. &nbsp;The current pastor appears to be
the brunt of the vocal sign -wielding mobs gathering outside the building
that houses the congregation. &nbsp;Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress is accused
of being responsible for the election of Donald Trump as President.
&nbsp;Vocal activists have given credit to Jeffress for changing the
course of the Nation. &nbsp;Few appear to be aware of historic relevant
connections to the church and city to the foundation of the modern
Religious Right. &nbsp;Author Bill Minutaglio has written a book seeking
to make the connection between the Dallas of the sixties and the hard
right. &nbsp;Minutaglio has authored a book named Dallas 1963, in which he
unveils peculiar and little unknown facts about the city and the
fascinating peoples that staffed the movement that appears to have come of
age and blossomed into a national phenomena. &nbsp;A movement &nbsp;that
led to recent political results. &nbsp;Jeffress and his rival in North
Dallas, Jack Graham, can boast of accomplishments started by foundations
laid in Dallas over fifty years ago. 


----Fr. Frank Pavone Claims the 2016 Coughie Award! By Frank Cocozzelli, 2016-12-29 16:23:34 
 <--  Section: Front Page, Topic: Analysis of Christian Right -->
 Yes, folks it's time for the presentation of the annual Coughlin Award.
As always, the competition was fierce. But this year, the gold goes to
militant anti-choice priest Fr. Frank Pavone


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"Inner Whispers" Updates

5 Sept
Hi John
The fourth program of "Inner Whispers" Radio (also the podcast) is now posted featuring all new direct voice messages from VERONICA. It can be listened to and downloaded, and you can make and read comments at:
On this episode 4 VERONICA gives her perspective as a Causal Plane Entity about various concepts including Emotion, Choice, Prosperity, Friendship, Trust, Enlightenment, Energy, Jealousy, Joy, Acceptance, Dreams, and Growth.
VERONICA also tells of one of her most valued physical incarnations, plus VERONICA's direct message to you and the world.
Note: Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are also still on this same archive page. Just scroll down when you get to this page if you would like to find any previous broadcasts.  You can listen to any of them 24/7 anytime here.
These broadcasts are Free.
Best wishes and thank you for your interest in this radio/podcast project.
Aug 14
The first program of "Inner Whispers" Radio is now on-Line featuring all new direct voice messages from VERONICA. It can be listened to and downloaded for your collection at:

Your Thoughts are the Artistic Supplies That Create from Deep Within Your Soul
Special Edition - July 28, 2017
"In the current climate of your culture the ability to remain clear thinking is often at risk.  Never before has there been such a tidal wave of opinions and dramas.  All of it racing towards your consciousness with the speed of light.
   With so much information it can be difficult to maintain the balance needed to move through the day with clarity.  Your thoughts are the artistic supplies that create from deep within your soul.
     No matter how you stand on any given platform or issue, it is important to keep your thoughts healthy.  It is truly of great benefit to step back often from all the chatter while remembering your own inner core.
   Listen to the 'Whispers' from within.  Your own intuition  will let you know when it needs a break. Freshen yourself with a deep reflection of your surroundings.  Expand your awareness of 'being' by deciding to act upon thoughts that are not influenced by the current collective reality.
   Many have expressed to us a feeling of helplessness within a mass consciousness reality that is terribly out of focus.  The best remedy is for each and every one of you to project your personal clear thoughts upon the reality.
   Stay on course with clear thinking.  You may listen to all the information, but do not let it define your existence.  Remain steadfast.  Nurture your beliefs while keeping each thought in focused place.
   It is important to clear out 'the clutter' as often as you need to.  Let your own energy move you through the life.... not the mass consciousness.  Decide for yourself how you shall proceed.... the only way to do that is to think clearly."
May 20

A Quote  

"The true expansive universe of you exists in the silence of the internal and eternal.  All dramatics outside of that perspective can be misleading to the soul on it's journey."
&quot;Inner Whispers&quot; Volume III
In The Afterlife
Inner Whispers
Inner Whispers (Volume II)
Ashram Tang
&quot;Parting Notes&quot;
All Books at AMAZON
Seize The Inner Perspective
   "In a physical life one becomes extremely involved in the timeline.  Measurement of achievement becomes more important than the breakthrough itself.  While in this whirlwind, the break free moment becomes an experience outward.  Out of the self, rather than inward to the core.
    The true expansive universe of you exists in the silence of the internal and eternal.  All dramatics outside of that perspective can be misleading to the soul on it's journey.
    It is important while moving through a life to seize the inner perspective.  If achieved, the moment will forever transform the course of the life.  Underneath all the supposed glitter of reality lies the eternal flame of your energy.  Seek to find that moment.  For if successful, the path in the physical will become more fluid and outcomes more attainable.
   Transformation of your energy will increase awareness and ability of proceeding with confidence.
   Often the search for enlightenment goes external.  A merry chase can lend one's consciousness right back to the moment of embankment.
   Instead, consider that all you need to live an extraordinary life exists within.
   It's much easier attentively than the external chase.  Be one with yourself if while forming eternal partnerships within.
   The universe inside far surpasses the perceived external one.
   Make the exploration.
   See what you can find.
   It is indeed a vast oasis of energy just waiting to be explored."

May 12

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"Fear is the true root of all mishap."
~VERONICA, the Source Entity T, and Ish
&quot;Inner Whispers&quot; Volume III
In The Afterlife
Inner Whispers
Inner Whispers (Volume II)
Ashram Tang
&quot;Parting Notes&quot;
All Books at AMAZON
What Being Is All About
   "Many times in life there are moments that feel overwhelming.  A wave of indecision within can create an atmosphere of fear.  Realize that fear, while deciding to stand your ground is important. 
    There are those who use the creation of fear for their own devices.  If you are unstable, then a manipulation of reality will help them to achieve power over you.
    It is not a competition of who is the most powerful.  Retaliation is not often the best choice.  However, the firmness of your personal stance and the beliefs that create that position are indeed very helpful.
    One must create a center of knowing.  Feeling into what your energy is defined by and being  that definition is what being is all about.  Take time to explore your inner being.  There may be elements undiscovered that will help you to become the true being you are.  Your stance in the linear reality is supported by your inner awareness.  Achievement of strength in your reality can only be manifested if you know who you are internally.  The wave of indecision can only derail you if you are not centered within.
   A calm determination can face down any fearful encounter.  Remember those who create fear to control others are often very fearful themselves.  Your ability to be focused and powerful will deter their ability to do so.
    No one can make fear thrive within you unless you let them.
    Decide to face each moment confident that your place will prevail.  It should not be a struggle.  The calmness of your inner self will simply become too much for them to bear.
    You re strong. Look fear creation in the eye and say no!
    You are stronger than you perceive.  Seek the inner awareness while walking through the wave of fear.  Know that it cannot harm your inner being.
    Be strong.
    Be aware.
    Look deep within.
    It is there."

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