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How Putin Might Inspire Trump

Found at Truth Cats.facebook.com/groups/274650872873882/
''Watching the last Presidential debate was a rather depressing experience. I thought that Trump did pretty well, but that really is not the point here. The point is this: no matter who wins, an acute crisis is inevitable.

Option one: Hillary wins. That’s Obama on steroids, only worse. Remember that Obama himself was Dubya, only worse. Of course, Dubya was just Clinton, only worse. Now the circle is closed. Back to Clinton. Except this time around, we have a woman who is deeply insecure, who failed at every single thing that she ever tried to do, and who now has a 3 decades long record of disasters and failures.

Even when she had no authority to start a war, she started one (told Bill to bomb the Serbs). Now she has that authority. And now she had to stand there, in front of millions of people, and hear Trump tell her “Putin outsmarted you at every step of the way” (did you see her frozen face when he said that?). Trump is right, Putin did outsmart her and Obama at every step. The problem is that now, after having a President with an inferiority complex towards Putin (Obama) we will have a President with the very same inferiority complex and a morbid determination to impose a no-fly zone over Russian forces in Syria.

Option two: Trump wins. Problem: he will be completely alone. The Neocons have a total, repeat TOTAL, control of the Congress, the media, banking and finance, and the courts. From Clinton to Clinton they have deeply infiltrated the Pentagon, Foggy Bottom, and the three letter agencies. The Fed is their stronghold. How in the world will Trump deal with these rabid “crazies in the basement“?

Consider the vicious hate campaign which all these “personalities” (from actors, to politicians to reporters) have unleashed against Trump – they have BURNED THEIR BRIDGES, they know that THEY WILL LOSE IT ALL if Trump wins (and, if he proves to be an easy pushover his election will make no difference anyway). The Neocons have nothing to lose and THEY WILL FIGHT TO THE VERY LAST ONE. What could Trump possibly do to get anything done if he is surrounded by Neocons and their agents of influence? Bring in an entirely different team? How is he going to vet them?

His first choice was to take Pence as a VP – a disaster (he is already sabotaging Trump on Syria and the elections outcome). I *dread* the hear whom Trump will appoint as a White House Chief of Staff as I am afraid that just to appease the Neocons he will appoint some new version of the infamous Rahm Emanuel… And should Trump prove that he has both principles and courage, the Neocons can always “Dallas” him and replace him with Pence. Et voilà!

I see only one way out: The (imperfect) Putin model... When Putin came to power, he inherited a Kremlin every bit as corrupt and traitor-infested as the White House nowadays. As for Russia, she was in pretty much the same sorry shape as the Independent Nazi-run Ukraine. Russia was also run by bankers and AngloZionist puppets and most Russians led miserable lives. The big difference is that, unlike what is happening with Trump, the Russian version of the US Neocons NEVER SAW THE DANGER coming from Putin. He was selected by the ruling elites as the representative of the security services to serve along a REPRESENTATIVE OF THE BIG CORPORATE money, Medvedev.

This was a compromise solution between the only two parts of the Russian society which were still functioning, the security services and oil/gas money. Putin looked like a petty bureaucrat in an ill fitting suit, a shy and somewhat awkward little guy who would present no threat to the powerful oligarchs of the Seven Bankers running Russia. Except that he turned out to be one of the most formidable rulers in Russian history.

Here is what Putin did as soon as he came to power: First, he re-established the credibility of the Kremlin with the armed forces and security services by rapidly and effectively crushing the Wahabi insurgency in Chechnya. This established his personal credibility with the people he would have to rely on, to deal with the oligarchs.

Second, he used the fact that everybody, every single businessman and corporation in Russia, did more or less break the law during the 1990s, if only because there really was no law. Instead of cracking down on the likes of Berezovski or Khodorkovski for their political activities, he crushed them with (absolutely true) charges of corruption. Crucially, he did that very publicly, sending a clear message to the other arch-enemy: the media.

Third, contrary to the hallucinations of the western human rights agencies and Russian liberals, Putin never directly suppressed any dissent, or cracked down on the media or, even less so, ordered the murder of anybody. He did something much smarter. Remember that modern journalists are first and foremost presstitutes, right? By mercilessly cracking down on the oligarchs Putin DEPRIVED THE PRESSTITUTES OF THEIR SOURCE OF INCOME and political support. Some emigrated to the Ukraine, others simply resigned, and a few were left like on a reservation or a zoo on a few very clearly identifiable media outlets such as Dozhd TV, Ekho Moskvy Radio or the newspaper Kommersant.

Those who emigrated became irrelevant, as for those who stayed in the “liberal zoo” – they were harmless, as they had no credibility left. Crucially, EVERYBODY ELSE GOT THE MESSAGE. After that, all it took is the appointment a few real patriots (such as Dmitri Kiselev, Margarita Simonian and others) in key positions and everybody quickly understood that the winds of fortune had now TURNED.

Fourth, once the main media outlets were returned back to sanity, it did not take too long for the “liberal” (in the Russian sense, meaning pro-USA) parties to enter into a death-spiral from which they have never recovered. That, in turn, resulted in the ejection of all “liberals” form the Duma, which now has only 4 parties, all of them more or less “patriotic”. That’s the part that worked.

So far, Putin failed to eject the 5th columnists, whom I call the “Atlantic Integrationists” from the government itself. Even the notorious Alexei Kudrin was not fired by Putin, but by Medvedev. The security services succeeded in finally getting rid of Anatolii Serdyukov but they did not have the power needed to put him in jail. I still think that a purge will happen, while Alexander Mercouris disagrees. Whatever may be the case, what is certain is that Putin has not tackled the 5th columnists in the banking/finance sector and that the latter have been very careful not to give him a pretext to take action against them.

Hillary Clinton and her gang of Neocons are the spiritual (and sometimes even physical) successors of the Soviet Bolsheviks and they, just like their Bolshevik forefathers, will not hesitate for a second to crush their enemies. Donald Trump – assuming he is for real and actually means what he says – has to understand that and do what Putin did: strike first and strike hard. Stalin, by the way, also did exactly that, and for a while the Trotskists were crushed, but in the years following Stalin’s death they gradually bounced back, only to seize power again in 1991.

I think that the jury is still out on whether Putin will succeed in finally removing the 5th columnist from power. What is sure is that Russia is at least semi-free from the control of these people and that the US is their last bastion right now. Their maniacal hatred of Trump can in part be explained by the sense of danger these folks feel, being threatened for the first time in what they see as their homeland (I don’t mean that in a patriotic sense – but rather like a parasite care for “his” host). And maybe they have some good reason to fear. I sure hope that they do.

I am rather encouraged by the way Trump handled the latest attempt to make him cower in fear. Yesterday Trump dared to declare that since the election might be rigged or stolen he does not pledge to recognize their outcome. And even though every semi-literate person knows that elections in the USA have been rigged and stolen in the past, including Presidential ones, by saying that Trump committed a major case of crimethink. The Ziomedia pounced on him with self-righteous outrage and put immense pressure on him to retract his statement (which, by the way, contradicted Pence’s stance).

Trump is doing now what Jean-Marie Le Pen did in France: he is showing the Neocons that be that he dares to openly defy them, that he refuses to play by their rules, that their outrage has no effect on his and that they don’t get to censor or, even less so, silence him. That is also what he did when, yet again, he refused to accuse the Russians of cyber-attacks and, instead, repeated that it would be a good thing for Russia and the USA to be friends. Again, I am not sure how long he will be able to hold that line, but for the time being there is no denying that he is openly defying the AngloZionist deep state and Empire.

The United States are about to enter what might possibly be the deepest and most dangerous crisis of their history. If Trump is elected, he will have to immediately launch a well-planned attack against his opponents without giving them any pretext to accuse him of politically motivated repressions. In Russia, Putin could count on the support of the military and the security services. I don’t know whom Trump can count on, but I am fairly confident that THERE ARE STILL TRUE PATRIOTS in the US armed forces.

If Trump gets the right person to head the FBI, he might also use that agency to clean house and deliver a steady streams of indictments for corruption, conspiracy to [fill the blank], abuse of authority, obstruction of justice and dereliction of duty, etc. Since such crimes are widespread in the current circles of power, they are also easy to prove and cracking down on corruption would get Trump a standing ovation from the American people. Next, just as Putin in Russia, Trump will have to deal with the media. How exactly, I don’t know. But he will have to face this beast and defeat it. At every step in this process he will have to get the proactive support of the people, just like Putin does.

Can he do it? I don’t know. Honestly, I doubt it. First, I still don’t trust him. But, more relevantly, I would argue that to overthrow the deep state and restore true people power is even harder in the USA than it was in Russia. I have always believed that the AngloZionist Empire will have to be brought down from the outside, most probably by a combination of military and economic defeats. I still believe that. However, I might be wrong – in fact, I hope that I am – and maybe Trump will be the guy to bring down the Empire in order to save the United States. If there is such a possibility, however slim, I think that we have to believe in it and act on it as all the alternatives are far worse.''

The Big Lie

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The British Prime Minister has called on European leaders to unite against Russia and stop what she referred to as appalling Russian “atrocities” in Syria.

Theresa May calls for a “robust and united European stance in the face of…

Scathing commentary was swift. This was particularly notable, by RB

TAKE TWO (defiance): It’s difficult to contemplate the depth of evil, when observing brain-searing TV media propaganda. Most all world Media, especially the disingenuous American Media, is again brain-washing the official version of 9/11. What if all you knew, was a lie?

• No brain-searing Media will mention that ‘FOUR’ alleged crash sites, had no passenger plane wreckage, turbine engines, wings, tail sections, bodies, luggage, etc. The FBI did not bother digging the alleged crash site at Shanksville, the official version being; “Everything vaporized”. I draw one conclusion from this simple fact. We each live under the influence and power of morally degenerate western governments.
• All 9/11 wrongful death litigation was assigned by Congress, to a single federal court, the Southern District of New York, and a single judge, Alvin K. Hellerstein. When a criminal case is resolved ‘without a trial’, records obtained through a search warrant, remain confidential, kept out of the public’s eye. All cases involving 9/11 were settled out of court. Hellerstein’s son Joseph was a lawyer in Israel.
• The video evidence of 9/11 has apparently been modified, modus operandi, similar to the fraudulent JFK Zapruder video evidence, in order to subvert the American people and way of life. It is my conjecture since JFK, Americans have been under attack by insidious subversive elements, and the American government comprehensively hijacked. Since JFK, the USA should have been renamed USZA, the United States of Zionist America, with motto ‘Subversion by Deception’.
• 9/11 is, outrageously, the biggest false flag crime in American history, and it continues, relentlessly. Only Hitler’s Germany may claim parity.

It is outrageous that Obama, in his last months in office, has given $38 billion to Israel, a country with population similar to that of London, England. According to Colon Powel, Israel has over 200 nuclear weapons.

• A nuclear Middle East is ‘exactly’ what JFK desperately wished to avoid. This is ‘exactly’ why JFK was assassinated. The Israeli prime minister, David Ben-Gurion resigned from office just prior to the assassination. David Ben-Gurion and Richard Nixon were in Dallas on 22nd Nov 1963. The new president, LBJ, was considered Jewish, since his mother, grandmother and great grandmother were Jewish. LBJ reversed JFK’s policies, regarding Vietnam and the Israeli nuclear site at Dimona.
• US Aid law: If any foreign government who receives US assistance is not transparent, on how they spend that money, then that government will not receive further assistance, unless the US Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) grants a waiver.

Americans must begin to ask deep questions of its government, and purge extensively and relentlessly.

• Why might the USZA government be despised around the world? Ask why they invade countries on false pretexts, drone strike innocent people, steal oil and gold, create puppet dictators and Zionist Central Banks, label resistance fighters as terrorists. I anticipate these reasons, may have something to do with ‘WHY’ and, why increasing violence is being visited upon American cities, and why the Bush/Blair genocide, the false flag ‘war on terror’, is morphing globally, with millions killed and many more millions displaced and suffering, by design.
• Mossad Motto: ‘By way of deception thou shalt do war.’

It is not wise for the governments of Commonwealth countries; Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada (4/5th of Five Eyes) to be associated with the pariah, the government of USZA.

• Snapshot of American Foreign Policy: USS Maine lie, Lusitania stand down, Pearl Harbour stand down, Korean 38th parallel lie, JFK assassination lie, USS Liberty Israeli attack, Gulf of Tonkin Lie, Saddam and WMD lie, Kuwait lie, Al Qaeda/CIA lie, etc.
• The Clinton, Bush, and Obama regimes have increased global tensions, to Cold War levels and rising.
• …… Operation Orchard: Israel strikes Syrian reactor:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GfdH9AzAXE
• …… Operation Opera - Israel strikes Iraq reactor:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWA2pthTBiM
• …… Iraq War, Tony Blair and the Truth - Part 1:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHFnP1tu0B8
• …… Tony Blair's Iraq War lies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfpJC_Cj9Qg
• …… BBC expose of Israel's Secret Illegal Nukeshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dk_6CCZ0gCY
• …… Kennedy Speech - Conspiracy Secret Societies:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeYgLLahHv8
• …… Begin Doctrine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begin_Doctrine

• …… Operation Mockingbird:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Mockingbird
• …… Oded Yinon's Israeli expansionist project:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYrZkFEiY1I

However, the tide is turning in Europe, regarding BREXIT and the collapsing European Union. The brave British, the ‘little people’, the ‘common people’ established a redoubt against the ‘European Union juggernaut’, a brazen dictatorship, with developing central army, a United States of (Zionist) Europe.

• It is now time for the ‘little people’, the ‘common people’ of the United States to make a stand against every form, every detail, of corruption and lobbying from big business and secret societies to lobbying groups, Congress and Senate.
• It is now time to take back control of the Media, with a vengeance, so it may rise like a phoenix, but now for spreading truth rather than cynical, corrupt, disinformation. The future might then have fewer devastating ‘false flag’ deceptions, as we begin to understand Media and government technique: ‘POLITICS OF FEAR’. The oligarch’s end game; Israel’s ‘Samson Option’, nuclear WWIII. So be it.
• It is now time to heed JFK’s warning. The horrors of global nuclear war are near.

• Facebook’s new head of policy is Jordana Cutler, a Netanyahu adviser and former chief of staff at the Israeli embassy in Washington.
• Israel has well over 200 atomic weapons; Neutron bombs (that kill only people but leave infrastructure); thermonuclear weapons, enough to destroy the entire Middle East.
• Proliferation experts say Israel has the world's sixth largest nuclear arsenal, including small tactical nuclear weapons, nuclear land mines, and medium range nuclear weapons capable of being launched from land, sea or air. It has satellite capabilities (eyes in the sky), with assistance from the USZA.
• Israel is credited with the development of Stuxnet, the computer virus that infected Iran’s nuclear processing plant.
• Those in government at 9/11 were dual-citizen Israeli nationals.
• USZA has funded and provided weapons to ISIS – in reality, ‘Israeli Secret Intelligence Service’.
• Israel has three nuclear submarines based at Haifa. It’s biological and chemical laboratories are at Nes Ziona.
• Israel refuses international inspection (AECB) of WMD’s, and will not sign the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Be aware, the simple act of watching television, expresses complicity and status quo corruption. Hollywood’s fraudulent videos of 9/11 and associated TV media commentaries demanded we all believe the official version, that planes were ‘ABSORBED’, swallowed whole, by two massive steel towers, the Pentagon and soil of Shanksville.
The globalists, Zionist Israel and USZA, are nearing Armageddon with military bases, tanks and troops around the Russian borders. In 2009 Blair received the 'Dan David', million-dollar Israeli prize. He is now being investigated by lawyers for the victims of the Iraq war - The Chilcot Inquiry’. In 1983 at Bow Street Magistrates Court, London a certain ‘Tony (Charles Lynton) Blair’ was fined 50 Pounds Sterling for 'propositioning males outside public toilets'.

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Blaming and Realism : Big Oil's Damages

Hurricane Katrina, Brought to You by Big Oil

The oil industry is obviously responsible for the BP Disaster and the thousands of oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico every year. But the industry is also responsible for our vulnerability to storms and for heavy rains. Here’s a quick primer for those who may not share my obsession.

Hurricane Katrina:

Long before Katrina hit New Orleans, Big Oil destroyed our storm protection by carving up our wetlands for pipelines and navigation canals. They broke the law for nearly half a century when they failed to fulfill their permits and repair the wetlands they’d dug. Here’s a timeline of the destruction. I
New Orleans Times Picayune made this report.

“Over the long term, EPA officials singled out the Murphy Oil spill as perhaps the most glaring public health threat. Testing around the refinery has revealed high levels of arsenic, diesel fuel and other petroleum-based chemicals.” (November 2005)

Eleven years later, there are no health studies, no health care and no mention of these long term effects.

In St. Bernard Parish, where the oil spill took place, there weren’t just water lines on homes and property. There were also oil lines, as the picture above this post shows.

The most recent flooding, the #LouisianaFlood of 2016, can also be laid at the oil industry’s feet. Meteorologist Eric Holthaus explained the basics in his blog.

Burning fossil fuels (like oil) warms our planet. When the planet warms, the air holds more moisture. When the atmosphere has more moisture, it rains more. Thus does burning oil cause climate change and awful impacts like flooding.

The New York Times put it this way.

“Climate change is never going to announce itself by name. But this is what we should expect it to look like.”

This is what we should expect it to look like, our homes and our lives flooded by water and oil, an unwanted alchemy that transforms our lives into debris piled up on the side of the road.

opit  aka olde phartte(in training)

Wowsers. It seems every day some new problem is laid at the feet of manmade climate change. For people like me, who see temperature change on this globe progressing at the rate of less than one degree Celsius per century in total, the panic is ludicrous to insane. To start with, temperature has never been constant; so man's acts should not be expected to suddenly start being tied to levels of change less than you could chart on a household thermometer in a lifetime. I have read any number of trashy allegations about 'deniers' falsely claiming anthropogenic global warming is wrong because scientists virtually unanimously agree it happens. This must be why anybody not seeing the science for the rhetoric is misguided. Sense check. skepticism is the default position for any claim and the basis by which science works. Check any reference outlining Scientific Method.
Ditto for 31,000+ scientists protesting against the representation of man changing weather. http://www.petitionproject.org...
So why the damage ?
Brazilian water rats once had a bounty on them - but since hides are no longer collected they proliferate and freely destroy mats of plant growth by chewing away anchoring stems.
The budget for levee maintenance disappeared during the George W. Bush administration - all the better to murder Iraqis. Levees.org was a direct outgrowth of outrage over this.
The Corps of Engineers has been dredging the Mississippi ship's channel for decades. As a result silt is not deposited to replace erosion of the delta, causing it to vanish. Futurist author David Brin has a good piece in http://davidbrin.blogspot.co.u...
The strangest piece in the puzzle is : why are reports of health effects on the population of the use of Corexit 9500 dispersant applied by the Coast Guard not a constant outrage ? The crude leakage of radioactive deep oil containing strange protolife was destabilized permanently at the same time rotifers at the base of the marine food chain were decimated by the effects of application on crude.
What I see is delusional problems directing attention away from unacceptable situations. Not that you do not have good points about the negligence of oil companies - but inventing liabilities paints you as fraudulent alarmists.


Scientism” is an ideology whose adherents believe that modern science can answer all important questions about the universe and human life, and that science is the only source of knowledge.  A foundational premise of scientism is the “dogmatic endorsement of scientific methodology and the reduction of all knowledge to only that which is measurable.”

Adherents of scientism eschew the fact that there are numerous questions that science isn’t qualified to answer. Such questions are traditionally examined within the domain of philosophy and the humanities; but scientism claims that science can replace the humanities. So much for the intellectual contribution of the Enlightenment.

However, scientism’s most damaging influence is in the social science fields — psychology, sociology, anthropology, and education. The hypotheses in these fields cannot meet the rigorous scientific criterion of validation which seeks to disprove a theory; because they rely on observation and description. Scientism has misappropriated the theoretical speculations of the social sciences and declared them to be “science-based.”

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