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Kicking Against the Pricks

Activist Teacher ( Denis Rancourt )

AT list of remarkable professional persons -- v2.0

Note: For older and newer versions of this list, click on the label "AT List". Newest additions are marked "*". Please make suggestions in comment.

This is version-2.0 of a tentative list of outstanding persons who have used their professional status to fight injustice, and who have thus disturbed power and suffered significant consequences.

Based on living professionals, these are folks who stand for what they believe, in the face of powerful and organized opposition.

André Marin*, former Ombudsman of Ontario
Alison Weir* (link)
Anhar Kochneva*
Bruce Allan Clark* (and link) (and link)
Carla Del Ponte*, UN investigator and jurist
Chelsea Manning (formerly: Bradley Manning)
Chris Hedges*
Cornel West*
Cynthia McKinney
Denis Halliday*

Desmond Tutu
Dieudonné M'bala M'bala*
Edward Snowden*

George Galloway
Gideon Levy*
Glenn Greenwald*

Haneen Zoabi* (article)
Harry Kopyto*
Hillary Mann Leverett* (story)
Ilan Pappe*
James Petras*
Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Jeremy Scahill*

John Pilger*
Judith Curry* (video)(video)
Julian Assange*
Kevin Annett*
Kim Dotcom*

Leonard Peltier*
Lynne Stewart
Mads Gilbert*
Malalai Joya*
Marinella Correggia*
Megan Rice*
Michael Parenti*
Michele Brill-Edwards* (video)
Mordechai Vanunu*
Muntadhar al-Zaidi (GIF)

Norman Finkelstein
Pamela Palmater*
Peter C. Gøtzsche* (video)

Ralph Nader
Ramsey Clark
Ray McGovern (former CIA officer)
Richard Stallman*
Rocco Galati* (video)
Salah Lamrani* (video)
Sampat Pal Devi (Gulabi Gang)*
Seymour Hersh*

Shiv Chopra*
Sibel Edmonds*
Steven Salaita*
Vanessa Redgrave* (video)
Ward Churchill
Wesley Clark*

Yanis Varoufakis* (Reevaluating as per: LINK)

I welcome your suggestions (in comment below!) of those who should be prominently added to such a list.

And, from recent history:

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Climate Cycles and Vaccine Censorship

Slightly edited. Taken from the Facebook Skeptics Resource Page. Material posted there is not left up indefinitely.

History ALWAYS repeats itself, in part because the universe consists of endless cycles but also because the vast majority of humanity has Attention Deficit Disorder and needs a schedule of repeating events and tasks. If you do not read this all the way through, you will have proved my point.
Regarding the universe, stars have cycles of various outputs such as solar wind generation and sunspot activity, which affect the weather of any nearby planets with an atmosphere. On Earth the 206-year long-term sunspot cycle very much affects the short-term (relatively speaking) weather cycle of 30 to 40 years duration. Back when the United States was formed the world had just experienced what scientists call the Maunder Minimum, a sunspot minimum cycle that caused Earth to experience a mini-”Ice Age” from 1650 to 1720, approximately, and was then experiencing record heat waves from about 1750 to 1790. During this period the world's population surged due to crop abundance even while the heat fomented people's tempers and revolutions in the Colonies and in France. Yet soon afterwards, from about 1790 to 1830, there occurred the Dalton Minimum of sunspots which caused plummeting temperatures and massive crop loss worldwide.
Fast-forward about 200 years and our weather is acting “crazy” again, though many people with short-term memory or short attention spans have declared the cause for 'bad' weather on anthropogenic (human-caused) CO2 pollution, or 'greenhouse gas' “global warming”. But according to the regular 206-year sun cycle, beginning perhaps this winter we will enter another low temperature period during which there will be massive crop failures worldwide, and this time we might not survive because everything these days is run by politicians who only look out for #1 and view the great masses as fodder for their war machines.
The war of 1812 took place during an extended cold spell, as did Napoleon's retreat/defeat attacking Russia during winter and famines everywhere. But most humans do not study history (“it's boring” they whine) in the same way most humans are ignorant of geography or mathematics or even science in general, relying instead on politicians to tell them what they need to know. Hence the political pseudo-science of “global warming” has captured the imaginations (but not the intelligence) of the masses. Yet like the progressive movement of eugenics early last century, where detractors (“deniers”) were minimalized, ostracized and even murdered, the world will be rudely awakened when a sudden turn of events, such as Hitler's eugenics program of annihilation, occurs which will turn the tide of public opinion.


Dr. Tenpenny's blog has no current posts - logical since Web of Trust has Redlisted it as Dangerous without any evidence of Malware. Here's cruising for the same - since I note Yellow status on my blogs at times - which might be reasonable given the number of insecure linkages. That's what you are going to have a hard time avoiding on a link farm. Some pages at Blogger have had to be reposted to wipe the trash. Anybody re-clicking from such redirects is certifiable.


by Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM

Across the country, physicians are giving vaccines without any apparent understanding of pediatric immunology. In fact, it appears that the need to give vaccines to premature infants – even extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infants – according to the vaccine schedule for full term babies is more important than considering the impact those solutions will have on the tiny tot’s immediate and long term health.

ELBW is defined as a birth weight of less than 1000 g (2 lb, 3 oz) and usually born at 27 weeks’ gestational age or younger. Infants born with a birth weight less than 1500 g (3.3 lb.) are defined as very low birth weight (VLBW) infants.

Recently, Michelle Rowton RN, a founding board member of  Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines, reported the cavalier attitude of physicians who are administering vaccines to these tiny tots. Her interview went viral, one month before a new study published in JAMA spelled out the damage caused by vaccines given to ELBW babies.

The JAMA study Michelle references in this InfoWars interview confirmed that vaccinations given to ELBW infants can cause serious adverse events, including fever, which necessitates painful, invasive and expensive procedures, including blood and urine cultures. Infants are then exposed to empirical antibiotic therapy for several days until the results of the cultures are known. The disruption to the gut-microbiome of a newborn can have a life-long impact of bad health and autoimmune disease. Current research provides evidence that the gut microbiome interacts with many physiological systems and metabolic processes in the developing infant. Disruptions as such a tender age can have an adverse impact on growth, development, and general health of the infant.

JAMA investigators concluded that within the first three days after being vaccinated, infants were indeed subjected to a higher incidence of sepsis workups. Vaccinated infants also had an increased need for respiratory support which often included intubation and being placed on a ventilator.

The information, while startling, isn’t new.

The current study is not the first to describe the devastating effects vaccines can have on low birth weight, premature infants. In 2007, a study in Pediatrics included 239 preterm infants who were (on average) 71 days old when they were enrolled in the study. Each infant received either a single vaccination of DTaP, Hib, IPV [polio], hepatitis B vaccine, or Prevnar 7, OR the infant was given all five vaccines at the same time, on one day. C-reactive protein (CRP) levels and cardiorespiratory reactions were monitored for 3 days after the shots. The findings included:

  • 39 infants had cardiorespiratory events. Of those:

    • 24 children who were asymptomatic before the shots had episodes of apnea (stopped breathing), bradycardia (slowed breathing), or oxygen desaturation (lowered oxygen levels)after the injections.

    • 15 infants who had episodes of apnea, bradycardia, or low oxygen saturation prior to immunization had an increased number of those episodes after the shots.

    • 26 of the 39 infants needed to be given oxygen after the vaccines.

    • 13 needed to be placed on a ventilator.

    • 95% of the adverse events occurred within 48 hours of the vaccinations.

  • 46 infants had intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) bleeding in the brain; stroke)

    • Infants given multiple vaccines at the same time were almost 4 times more likely to have cardiorespiratory events and 16 times more likely to have an abnormally elevated CRP.

    • 103 infants had a CRP greater than 1.6mg/dL, considered to be abnormally high; abnormal CRP values and multiple vaccines were more likely to cause a grade 3 or 4 IVH.

      • Grades 1 and 2 bleeds involve a small amount of bleeding with few long term problems.

      • Grades 3 and 4 involve more severe bleeding, with blood clots and leakage into the brain tissue, leading to disabilities and hydrocephalus (increased fluid in the brain).

An elevated CRP in infancy may lead to health problems later in life. For example, children with an elevated CRP level are more likely to develop insulin-dependent, type 1 diabetes. The antibodies from vaccines may stimulate the production of pancreas autoantibodies, which attack and destroy the pancreas. Or, it is possible that the vaccine antibodies themselves may attack the pancreas through a process known as molecular mimicry.

Pro-inflammatory cytokine, interleukin-6 (IL-6), is elevated by CRP production. Prolonged high levels of IL-6 can weaken the immune system, increase the susceptibility of liver injury and raise the risk for cardiovascular disease. Some studies have even found a link between elevated IL-6 and anincreased risk for cancer. It has been published that CRP goes up in response to the hepatitis B vaccine, given at birth, to full term infants also.

Nurses Stand in the Gap

When this link about the nurse whistle-blower on my Facebook page, within less than 24 hours, more than 345,000 had been reached, with more than 3,300 shares. Here are a few of the hundreds of comments:

“The medical community has put themselves in a position of needing to deny, as much as possible, the harmful effects of vaccines, regardless of the blatantly obvious health complications they cause. The liability, at this point, is tremendous (given all the harm they cause), so it’s in the industry’s best interest to deny, deny, deny.”

“This is truly disgusting. I recently left a job in medical records at a facility with a large, very busy NICU. I just could not believe that nearly every infant who went into the NICU, was still vaccinated before they left the hospital, even if they were premies. It’s so sad that parents just go along and don’t ask questions. How the hell is it safe to give a baby, who almost didn’t survive, vaccines so early!? Infuriating! And then when things don’t go so well, blame them problems on something else.”

“This cohort study found an increase in adverse events after immunization of extremely low-birth-weight infants in the neonatal intensive care unit. The study found a problem, but it doesn’t stop them from injecting crap into these extra tiny beings…..May be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.”

Why are physicians so under-educated and apparently oblivious to these risks? Why do they bully parents, with threats of dismissal from the practice or reporting them to CPS, for wanting to protect their children from this chemical onslaught? Why are legislators practicing medicine without a license, demanding that children be vaccinated when clearly the procedure causes harm?

It’s difficult to believe that physicians don’t care – but it is not hard to believe that they cover each other’s back for the sake of the status quo. Sadly, physicians are more interested in maintaining a protocol than protecting the little lives they hold in their hands from what is coming through that needle.

Photo by MikeBlyth

The Conspiracy 'Theorists'...reporters


The Fifth Column
6 hrs
We are in a time of crisis. And all efforts taken by the establishment to remedy this crisis only perpetuate the interests of the corporations and banks that have privatized, commoditized and poisoned our ecosystems, and they are continually…

Can you be tricked into supporting a no-fly zone that will enable the activities of genocidal groups on the ground?

Image may contain: 2 people , text
Washington, DC (TFC) - TIME ran a piece on 16 August entitled “Russia and Iran Fly Across a Key Threshold in the Middle East” which opens with the following quote: “Looks like the U.S. and its allies have a new “axis of evil” in the Middle…

The Fifth Column3 hrs

Is exploitative behavior part of human nature?

Image may contain: 1 person , eyeglasses and text
The Fifth Column

12 hrs
Washington, DC (TFC) - TIME ran a piece on 16 August entitled “Russia and Iran Fly Across a Key Threshold in the Middle East” which opens with the following quote: “Looks like the U.S. and its allies have a new “axis of evil” in the Middle…

Jon Person

"Under former President Bush and now continued under President Obama, what apparently started decades ago as illegal and clandestine programs of experiments on human subjects, such as the CIA’s MK ULTRA, has resulted in the proliferation of Defense Contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, and others, making secret agreements with Federal agencies such as DOD, DIA, NSA, DHS, etc., to allow them and related laboratories and universities to expand inhumane experimentation programs such as illegal experiments for Directed Energy Weapons on unwitting and non-consenting American citizens.

The scam goes like this, random people, or people who are dissidents or whistleblowers are purposely mislabeled as “terrorists” and put on an Enemies List, which is then turned over to Defense Contractors to target under perverted interpretations of NDAA and PAA.

This allows them to engage the Military and Law Enforcement in either the active harassment and torture of individuals illegally targeted for fraudulent cause, or it gives the Defense Contractors carte blanche to commit criminal assault upon innocent citizens while demanding (unconstitutionally) that Police stand down and do nothing to help their victims.

Police are even used as liaisons to citizen vigilante groups like Infragard, or other “civic minded” organizations who are lied to about the target (being a terrorist/traitor/criminal) and enticed/paid to stalk and harass them 24/7. Police are even used as liaisons to actual criminal groups used by Feds and contractors for the blatantly criminal activity such as vandalism, pet poisoning, assaults, to actual usage of mobile Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) against innocent civilian targets to harm or kill them. Civilians are paid to serve as proxies to give Feds and contractors “plausible deniability”. Police are paid to look the other way, either with cash bribes or “police toys”.

Many Federal managers, such as retired NSA Deputy Director Bill Black Jr., are even secretly investing in this DEW weaponry that they are helping develop through the torture of American citizens falsely labeled as terrorists to strip them of their Constitutional and Civil Rights.
If America does not wake up, it is finished as a nation."- Karen Stewart. Former NSA turned whistleblower,

Anyone who's interested in fighting this serious threat send a friend request.
Baton Rouge, Aaron Alexis navy yard shooter, Myron May.- This is what the American governments program does to people.
Help me, people are dying, many commit suicide because they won't take others lives and become a CIA shelf shooter.
This is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced, if I go down I hope two take my place. The people I've had the privilege of meeting are some of the most compassionate, caring, brave, smartest people I've ever met, to the government that's dangerous. Many will hate me for trying to tell them these things, realize I'm doing this because I care about you. Please if you have kids take the time to learn about the world they'll grow up in. Do not believe a dam thing I say, the search for truth begins with a open mind and a willingness to learn.

Fight with me and I'll never quit on you,
I'll never turn my back on you,
Until the last of us are safe,
you have my word so help me God

Hundreds of people with this technology being used on them. All of them have the same story

Rudimentary version that's available to the public for purchase.

Jon Person"s photo.

Something you need to understand. It's everyone's fight.


If you have a concern about any form over government overreach, the movement for police accountability is your fight. Even if you've never had a run in with law…

Yes, DOJ has announced they will end their use of private prisons.

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“Justice For All” Rally /Colorado Supreme Court
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China's Nuclear Future

Cheaper and cleaner nuclear plants could finally become reality—but not in the United States, where the technology was invented more than 50 years ago. Given unprecedented access to the inner workings of China’s advanced nuclear R&D program, I was witnessing a new nuclear technology being born. At least in theory, this type of reactor can’t suffer the kind of catastrophic failure that happened at Chernobyl and Fukushima. What’s more, the new plants should produce little waste and might even eat up existing nuclear waste. They could run on uranium, which powers 99 percent of the nuclear power plants in the world, or they could eventually run on thorium, which is cleaner and more abundant. Over the next two decades China hopes to build the world’s largest nuclear power industry. Plans include as many as 30 new conventional nuclear plants (in addition to the 34 reactors operating today) as well as a variety of next-generation reactors, including thorium molten-salt reactors, high-temperature gas-cooled reactors (which, like molten-salt reactors, are both highly efficient and inherently safe), and sodium-cooled fast reactors (which can consume spent fuel from conventional reactors to make electricity). Chinese planners want not only to dramatically expand the country’s domestic nuclear capacity but also to become the world’s leading supplier of nuclear reactors and components, a prospect that many Western observers find alarming. The first experiments with molten-salt reactors were carried out at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in Tennessee, under its director Alvin Weinberg in the late 1950s. Alvin Weinberg believed that the link between nuclear power and nuclear weapons would have to be severed. And the way to break that link was the thorium molten-salt reactor. By the end of the century, the U.S. had built 104 nuclear reactors, but construction of new ones had all but come to a halt, and the technology remained stuck in the 1970s. Today government officials and scientists seek a nuclear technology without the expensive problems that have stalled the conventional version. Because they don’t require huge containment structures and need less fuel to produce the same amount of electricity, these reactors are more compact than today’s nuclear plants. They could be mass-produced, in factories, and combined in arrays to form larger power plants. All of that should make them cheaper to build. But even though molten-salt designs have energized inventive young technologists, getting a novel nuclear power technology licensed and built in the U.S. remains a daunting prospect. From the Chinese point of view, thorium has a particular advantage: while mainland China has a small percentage of the world’s uranium, it has plenty of thorium. “Our team got most of the technical documents from the Web—they were posted by the Oak Ridge team,” recalls Xu Hongjie, the director of the molten-salt program, shaking his head in either admiration or amazement at the openness of the Americans. “They posted everything there for free.” While some scientists and nuclear-power advocates vehemently oppose the idea of helping China build a world--leading nuclear industry, many Oak Ridge engineers are just eager to see molten-salt reactors built somewhere. The dream of American scientists at Oak Ridge, a half-century ago, is taking shape here, thousands of miles away.

Cheaper and cleaner nuclear plants could finally become reality—but not in the United States, where the technology was invented more than 50 years ago.

The King's Religion - a Recurring Tale

Image may contain: 2 people

William Martin It was the Nicean council ( 325 AD ) at which the books that should make up the bible were decided upon. All gnostic texts were denied as well as gospels that had been written by folk who were not of the 12 apostles. The 56 books comprising the Old Testament were canonized as Christian scripture, the first ideology of the Trinity was decided upon and the foundation of the ranking of see's to the Church were ordered along with ranking of priests and Bishops, the way they should behave as authorities of the Church... Celibacy was discussed but not elected as it was not a popular idea. As yet there was no firm notion of Hell, such did not even exist until publication of Alighieri's Divine Comedy ( 1320 AD ) and the later work of Mallory, Paradise Lost. ( 1667 AD ) these two books popularized the idea of Hell as a place of tortures and torment. Folk who could read were drawn in by Alighieri's lurid ( for the age ) descriptions of hell and its inhabitants, read the work to those who were illiterate. When asked by churchgoers "is any of this true" priests and other clergy began reading and paying attention. It wasn't long before passages from " Inferno" we're being read from the pulpit, outlining what sorts of misery awaited those who sinned ... It brought people in to church in droves, just as Drive In Theaters brought folk out on a date night. It was like Horror Story Day (as church services lasted for hours )?and everyone listening was rapt with images of Hell stirring their rather impressionable imaginations. Because church attendance skyrockets ... Along with tithing... The church decides to let the circus continue.
Along comes Thomas Mallory with his vengeful scour of his enemies as put forth in Paradise Lost and the fervor for being terrified of Hell is renewed. Through the middle if this three hundred year span comes Jheronimus Bosch, a Bergundian Netherlands ( Flemish) painter whose freaky imagination produced some of the most bizarre works of art the world had ever known before H.G Geiger came along. His triptych paintings matched in visual detail the imaginative writings wrought by Alighieri and Mallory. With the idea of Hell firmly cemented in the minds of Christians, the Catholic Church was able to secure greater hold on Europe and "official" Christian doctrine. Pope John Paul the II issued two notable Papal Bulls (Official Decrees of the Catholic Church) before his death ( 2005 but the Bulls were issued not long after I graduated high school in the late 80's) , one confessing that there is no Hell as previously conceived, that the devise was used to control Christians and bring more people under the authority of the church.
The second apologized for the Spanish Inquisition and issued an OFFICIAL end to the Inquisition, which had never been enacted.
Curiously, both Bulls are not noted in the Official list of Papal Bulls available online and maintained by the Vatican but I remember the day those headlines were announced on the news and were written as articles in newspapers.

You may want to obtain a copy of the Gnostic Gospels as well as a copy of biblical texts that would have been available before the King James Version of the Bible was printed. These books can be found at any decent book shop and online. It ( NKJV) was the first bible printed in English and there were many Editorial Choices made concerning its writing that involved politics and secular laws of the age. James wanted to assert his authority as equal to that of the church as well as he could without appearing to surpass it...


Sidebar : Interesting how the story of the infant Emmanuel became the story of the adult Jesus...and is referred to as Jesus Christ by the Church. You have to hunt hard indeed to find that name in the Bible. It is in fact a tale warning that the state church has falsely charged, imprisoned, tortured and killed a man for promoting mutual consideration, healing, charity, and communal living.

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